Activating the investment the best solution to resolve the problem of unemployment

Arbil August 16 / August (Rn) – The decision of the House of Representatives to expedite the activation of investment and accelerate the legislation, pointing out that the only solution in order to provide jobs for millions of unemployed and solve the unemployment problem in the light of the government’s failure to provide adequate jobs for them.

He called Mohammed al-Khalidi in an official statement today briefed the Kurdish news agency (Rn), a copy of “to activate and accelerate investment in its legislation in order to open the way for international companies and sober to enter the Iraqi market, especially in the provinces.”

He added that “the entry of global companies need to provide the infrastructure and the necessary laws that the investor needs to protect its assets and rights.”

And between Khalidi said that “the investment will be the only solution to accommodate the millions of unemployed and rescued from the difficult conditions Aashunha under the government’s failure to provide the minimum of jobs for them,” stressing “the need to unite everyone in order to stop this suffering and termination supporting investment and accelerate legislation and laws.”

And Iraq’s parliament approved in October 2006 Iraqi investment law, who was with him at the time he would open the doors to foreign investment, for providing a lot of facilities to foreign investors, but many foreign companies are still hesitant because of fear of actually unstable security in Iraq, in addition to the fact that the law did not give investors the right to ownership of the property the project, and equated the Iraqi and foreign investors in all privileges, with the exception of real estate ownership, as the foreign investor can lease the land for 50 years, renewable.