Government neglected the Iraqi economy and other funding sources

Baghdad (News) …Member of the Committee criticized the economy and investment Deputy from the Liberal/block/Abdul Hussein Al-Husseini, Government ressan for not taking any action to address the problem of one-sided economy in the country, which relies totally on oil imports.

Husseini said in a statement received (News Agency for children) Tuesday: that low oil prices in world markets has impacted negatively on the supplementary budget for Iraq which was expected they would be times the amount announced early last month that more than 10 trillion Iraqi dinars

He added: the 2012 budget deficit unaffected by this decline as the price that had been adopted in the budget is $ 85 per barrel, indicating that oil price volatility

Something unexpected that unilateral Iraqi economy.

Hosseini expressed his displeasure at government neglect of other sources of financing is expected that it will contribute to the country’s economy such as tourism, dismissed the Chief financial and tax.