Sadr’s movement reveals the fact that “discrimination Pentagon” in the selection of pilots and F-16 pilots away Shiites

Sadr’s movement reveals the fact that “discrimination Pentagon” in the selection of pilots and F-16 pilots away Shiites


Palm – a member of the rejection of security and defense committee and the parliamentary leader of the Sadrist movement, “Governor Zamili” interventions and Washington and the Pentagon for the selection of Iraqi pilots to be trained on the F-16 aircraft in the United States.

He Zamili during the permit media that the discrimination practiced by the United States in a very serious, and do not allow to Washington and the Pentagon, the American distinction between Shiite and Sunni Arab and Kurdish continued MP for the Liberal bloc that America not only to racial discrimination and sectarian noting that the pilots have yet to do serious work and real training the actual aircraft, their jobs because of the routine cycle of language proficiency for two consecutive years, and not thrown in the theoretical and practical lessons.

He described it as “too dangerous” and sees that Zamili reason for the delay and red tape is not to pursue the military establishment of the Iraqi air force training and Alttaghizz accusing the U.S. side by saying that the American side always deliberately block the arming of the air force and air defense Iraqis.

And the deputy that Iraq entered an important stage because of the deteriorating conditions of some of its neighbors noting that there were threats from these countries, stressing that Iraq does not have an air force deterrent and strong, and does not have to defend an air reveals threats, hostile, so the obstruction clear from the American side end of which the dimensions Iraq in front of the neighboring countries and Israel (according to MP).

He Zamili that security and defense committee following the issue of training Iraqi pilots on the F-16 fighter, which is a first-class and high-tech (as described by MP) adding said it would be important and influential in the air force of Iraq, and must be led by people who are professionals, be loyal to Iraq, not to a wide or national or any other party certain criticizing the Iraqi government said, when Iraq was entered into contracts with other countries for processing with weapons it brings trainers to Iraq to train ambience Iraq, because it is different from the atmosphere of the other countries of the temperatures, etc., so it must be the pilots prepared to Iraqi airspace (according to the MP).

He was a member of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary Qasim al-Araji, has accused the leadership of the Iraqi Air Force, Washington, in coordination to keep pilots “Shiites” of the training program on the F-16, under the pretext of relations confessional with Iran, while stressing that he will demand to host the commander of the Air Force Anwar Hama Amin in Parliament.
Source: nakhelnews