CBI: the law of capitalism lead to increased banking stocks

said the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the application of the law of capital in the banking sector leads to an increase of shares traded in this sector.

Saleh said the “long-Presse:” The capitalist step contributes to the increase in profit and the development of the Iraqi economy, “noting that “banking stocks outperformed shares of agricultural and industrial stocks, and that this movement is the movement of a purely capitalist.”

The central bank demand up capital of the banks that paid to put up new shares in the market after a period of declining demand for shares and increase the supply behind the decline in prices in turn led to the stagnation of the market. Denied the benefit of investors may be exposed to the effects of a recession because of this law, saying that “the increase in the shares of banks provide protection for the same vibrations and capitalism.”