Currency smuggling abroad due to lack of control on the offices of the conversion

He attributed the Vice Chairman of the Committee of Finance Ahmed Faizullah reasons smuggling foreign currency out of the country, to the lack of control over the offices of the conversion.

He said in a statement to all of Iraq [where] today, “said the central bank is not responsible for the smuggling of these coins, because the offices of the conversion you get the money from the banks of the many deployed in the country and then turned to these offices abroad.”

Faizullah said that “there is a proposed switch from the Iraqi currency during the deletion of zeros, and this will help to curb smuggling,” adding that “the deletion of zeros will not affect the old currency will be just replacing one currency for another.”

He was a member of the Finance Committee Haitham Jubouri parliamentary deputy has called on the presidency of the Council of Representatives to intervene to stop what he called “bleeding the hard currency and money laundering in the Central Bank of Iraq.”

He said in a press conference that “there is information received indicates that there are significant violations of the Central Bank carried out by the mafias from inside and outside the bank in addition to the companies that participate in the auction sale of hard currency, in addition to the lack of seriousness in the activation of the Anti-Money Laundering No. [93] “.

The Committee on the economy and investment representative has revealed earlier for “the existence of files, financial and administrative corruption and fraud in the banks authorized to buy and sell the dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq with some of mafias brokers and the market.”