United Nations Development Programme presents a preliminary report on the assessment of the economic infrastructure of the Kurdistan Region

Erbil, in the framework of a joint project between the Government of the Kurdistan Region and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to assess the requirements economic and social infrastructure to the Kurdistan Region, peace Michel Del Bono, head of a group of experts of the United Nations Development Programme, a preliminary report on the project to Dr. Ali Sindi, Minister of Planning in the Regional Government Kurdistan.

During the meeting was to discuss the preliminary results of the project and the most important notes and instructions to be taken into consideration in the preparation and drafting of the final report, which is expected for completion the end of September this year.

The project started in May of this year and seeks to assess the overall structure of economic and social to the Kurdistan Region in order to fill the vacuum and the needs of economic and social infrastructure in the Kurdistan Region, especially in health, education, electric power, water and resources, agriculture, industry, housing and construction, transportation and tourism, as well as to develop ways to fill the gap in Huh areas, the strengths of the infrastructure of the Kurdistan Region in order to enhance take advantage of them in the future.