Conflict Turkey – Iran puts the Iraqi crisis on the brink of a volcano

Conflict Turkey – Iran puts the Iraqi crisis on the brink of a volcano

Posted 05/08/2012 08:57 AM

Babinaoz (Reuters) – returned statements convulsive between the parties to the current political crisis in Baghdad, “a coalition of state law” under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on the one hand and a coalition of “Iraq” headed by Iyad Allawi, and “Kurdistan Alliance” headed by Massoud Barzani of the hand after it emerged some optimism breakthroughs in the light of the crisis paper political reform made by the National Alliance, the ruling Shi’ite.

The MP said the “Kurdish Alliance” Hassan Jihad for ¯ “politics”, the paper of reform put forward by the Shiite alliance about two months ago did not make a practical one and is still debate around the spin within the alliance itself and there is a dispute between the coalition of “state law” and the “Sadrists” about the mandate of the Prime Minister to two terms.

He added that there are indications find a paper of political reform, led by Maliki’s refusal to appoint ministers of security, despite the deterioration experienced by the security situation in the previous days and that he should be an impetus to accelerate the selection of ministers of interior, defense, intelligence and national security.
accused the Jihad, the Shiite alliance of trying to buy time from behind a sheet of political reform in order to work to change the position of current Shi’ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, the anti-owners in a drastic way, and there are regional factors relevant to the situation Syrian pushed to show some flexibility to resolve the internal crisis of Iraq, and this is reflected in the reform paper that formed the initiative to calm the the atmosphere between the different Iraqi parties to counter the escalation of the conflict in Syria.

In this context, revealed among the “Sadrists” s ¯ “politics” of the existence of a split within the Shiite alliance, who leads the Iraqi government between the group represented by al-Maliki and sees that it is not calling to make concessions to the other political parties and that it must abandon the paper reform once and for all and go to the government of the majority required by the political developments of the situation and the possible collapse of the Syrian Assad regime, and the other team is represented by the Islamic Supreme Council headed by Ammar al-Hakim and supports the reforms and a greater convergence with the political partners, because that would be necessary to strengthen the democratic system in Iraq.

It pointed out that the fall of the Assad regime imposed on the Shiite alliance insurance home front strong and not vice versa because the abandonment or delays in the rejection of the reform will increase the risk of disintegration and collapse of the Iraqi political process by the conviction, the Wise.
for its part, said among the party, “the call” headed by al-Maliki, for ¯ “Politics,” The recent decision to appoint ministers of security represents a security risk significant because the developments in Syria may not allow the appointment of a defense minister from a coalition of “Iraq” and the intelligence chief of the “Kurdish Alliance” because of fears of a movement on the ground against the government of the Shiite alliance if it fell Assad therefore is not right to accept Maliki to appoint ministers and security at this particular time.

For his part, MP of the coalition of Iraqi Hasan Khadir al-Hamdani, l ¯ “politics” that the Shiite alliance is not serious about political reform, because al-Maliki does not need to consult the main political blocs in order to implement these reforms, which has become known to all, and he was able (ie, Maliki) to take practical decisions to correct the way the state without waiting for the outcome of the consultations between the Shiite alliance and the rest of the political blocs.
He stressed that the method put forward political reform paper by the Shiite alliance, which aims to promote discussion and exchange of ideas form already maneuvering to gain more time, hoping to contribute to this tactical step in the fragmentation of the opposition Front for the owners.
, the deputy saw Suad al-Obeidi, a conflict that Iranian influence – Turkey in Iraq and escalation in the current period will lead to the failure of all initiatives to resolve the political crisis between Maliki and Barzani on the one hand, Allawi, on the other.

The MP close to Allawi, said that the current conflict between Tehran and Ankara on the Iraqi arena and the U.S. position in support of Turkey in this conflict will not help to provide the atmosphere and conditions for convergence of real between Iraqi factions and build bridges of trust between them, especially if we link the content of this conflict, Turkish-Iranian developments in the situation in Syria and regional complexities.
Basil Mohamed
Source: babnews