Jalal Talabani, reveals the reasons for refusing to sign the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki?

Jalal Talabani, reveals the reasons for refusing to sign the withdrawal of confidence from the Maliki?


Palm – An Iraqi President “Jalal Talabani,” revealed the reasons that led him to refuse the signing of the withdrawal of confidence from Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki after he was widely criticized for refusing to submit a request to withdraw the confidence of Parliament, and accused him of critics as a “side” to al-Maliki.

And select Talabani in his pleading published by media sources that the four reasons for refusing to sign the request to withdraw confidence, and denied that the reasons for the defense of Maliki and the endorsement of his policies.

Talabani said that the first reason is that the prime minister went to the Shiite majority may not be jumping on them a request to withdraw confidence, but that efforts be made to persuade them to alter its representative for prime minister and the second reason, Talabani said that I did not and will not stand against the Shiite majority, demands and entitlements and with all due respect to the Sadrist movement, but it represents only one quarter of the Shiite legislators in Parliament.

With regard to the third reason, Talabani pointed out that the National Alliance, told me it is fully prepared to implement the agreements and taking into account and respect agreements Erbil first and second.

The fourth reason is a must to remain neutral and patron of the meeting of the national reunification and unity, and if circumstances forced me to violate my convictions Vsakdm such principled resignation from the presidency of the Republic and Secretary General of the return party to exercise full freedom.

Talabani and encourages all parties the need for the meeting at the same table to resolve disputes regarding the sharing of power and other problems, rather than withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki.

It was supposed to hold a reconciliation conference, Iraqi politicians who knew the media to the National Conference, in the past months, but the intensity differences led to its postponement until further notice.
Source: nakhelnews