Experts: oil prices will increase at a global tightening of economic sanctions on Iran ..

Experts: oil prices will increase at a global tightening of economic sanctions on Iran .. And expectations of Asian countries refrain from importing Iranian oil

Dated: 8/5/2012 12:01:34 Sunday

Baghdad (news) / report / Faleh Hussein / .. The effects of threats to Iran continued to world peace through its nuclear program, which aims to manufacture nuclear weapons ire of countries the UN Security Council, what caused them to impose economic sanctions, including the prevention of countries import oil from Iran.
has approached U.S. lawmakers move to put the finishing touches on new sanctions aimed to impose further restrictions on the income of Iran’s oil after the negotiators agreed in the House and Senate on the bill a compromise, which sanctions the West hopes to prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. the payment of all European countries to refrain from importing Iranian oil, which constitutes (20%) of the the total oil exports, Iran, and Asian countries, South Korea, which declined recently from importing Iranian oil for fear of international sanctions. , he predicted that a number of experts and parliamentarians in Tbarham (of the Agency news) join a lot of Asian countries that are friendly to Iran, China, India and Taiwan to the community’s decision International to prevent the import of Iranian oil, which makes the Iranian exports less and thus will lead to an increase in global oil prices that Iran has a large weight in the global oil market. In this regard, said an expert on energy Ismail Radi: Despite the threats issued by Iran between now and then but the European Union decided in a ban immediately on the new contracts relating to the importation, purchase and transport crude oil and petroleum products from Iran, the sanctions are intended European, which is approaching its position with the position of the U.S. to pressure Iran to stop developing its nuclear program, which sees the West that Iran is seeking to manufacture nuclear weapons threaten world peace. The Radi (of the Agency news): that the decision of the European Union pay all European countries to refrain from importing Iranian oil, which is a percentage (20%) any limits (2.5) million barrels of oil a day, especially Greece, Italy and Spain, which is considered low as compared to the issued Iran to Asian countries, so it is seeking U.S. and European Union to persuade Asian countries to reduce the import of Iranian oil. He went to say: actually that South Korea is the first state of the Asian countries that have declared their conviction UN Resolution on the failure to import oil from Iran for fear of international sanctions that will impose UN Security Council to countries that help Iran economically, and this is what will drive many of the countries of Iran, which is friendly to Iran, such as India, China, Taiwan and others. He pointed out: that oil prices in global markets will see major breakthroughs to increase prices as a result of reduced Iran’s oil exports, which are of the States that have weight in the world in the field of oil, when increased demand with limited supply will lead to increased prices by economic theory. having ratified the European Union to tighten the economic and financial sanctions imposed on Iran, which claims it is developing its nuclear program outside of peaceful purposes, taking the experts wonder about the potential impacts of this confrontation on the economic front for both parties. It is noted that Europe’s share of Iran’s oil exports do not exceed 20%, which means that the loss of Tehran for the European market will not significantly harm its economy being based mainly on the Asian oil consumer. And hopes Iran in the marketing of surplus supply the whole to the markets of India and China Baidtan for the European campaign. and in turn, warns the International Monetary Fund that may result in any interruption in oil supplies from Iran to increase its prices to 30%, which would have serious consequences on the global economy, until you can oil-exporting countries to compensate for the potential shortfall. For his part, was likely a member of the Committee on Energy and Oil MP / coalition in Iraq / Mutashar Samurai increase global oil prices after reducing Iran’s exports of OPEC. Samarrai said (of the Agency news): The Iran occupies a large space in the oil markets world, the decline in exports with increased demand for oil will lead to an increase in oil prices in OPEC and even Brent. He added that the differences are still going on between Iran and the (5 +1) on Iran’s nuclear program, which led to the reluctance of most countries of import Iran’s oil for fear of international sanctions and making Iranian exports are shrinking in OPEC. The International Energy Agency has warned of rising global oil prices after the decline in Iranian oil exports, calling for OPEC members not to cut current output of $ (30) million barrels per day. As for the member of the Committee on Energy oil and MP / National Alliance / Susan Saad, said: that Iran is one of the major countries in the export of oil. When tightening economic sanctions by the Council of the International Federation will affect greatly on the size of the width of the world’s oil will lead to a breach of international oil prices. explained Saad (of the Agency news): that any oil country as large as Iran when less oil exports outside their control will affect significantly the price of oil in terms of increasing prices with evidence that Libya when it suspended its oil exports during the Arab spring led to the increase in world oil prices. She added that lack of export of Iranian oil will come out of the will of Iran as a result of international pressure exerted on the countries which trade with Iran in the export of oil to them, because Iran is ready to shackle economy huge losses through suspended its exports, and this is due according to the nature of the Iranian relations with the countries that import of oil, and perhaps affect international decisions on the rest of Asian countries and make them abstain from importing Iranian oil. was announced by U.S. President Barack Obama on July 31 for the imposition of additional sanctions against the energy sector and the private petrochemical and financial support of the Iranian economy, also included penalties Bank “Kunlun” Chinese who carried out the operations business with Iranian banks are included in the list of trade sanctions. In January of this year, the United States has imposed sanctions are not justified on the company Zhuhai Zhen Rong Chinese also in accordance with the so-called sanctions on Iran. It is noted that China and Iran’s ties with normal, and no two transactions natural, open and transparent in the areas of economy, trade, energy, and has no relationship in any way with Iran’s nuclear program, and does not constitute a violation of the resolutions of the Security Council of the United Nations and other international rules, without prejudice to the interests of any third party, and perfectly legitimate. while oil expert Hamza Jeweler , ruled out: an increase in world oil prices when the tightening of international sanctions on Iran and the reluctance of some countries from importing Iranian oil, the presence of other friendly countries seeking to buy oil from them. said Jeweler (of the Agency news): The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia took advantage of the circumstances faced by Iran through increase its export of oil to double the amount allocated to them in OPEC and the (5) million and a half million barrels, and was increased to (10.5) million barrels of oil a day, as well as increased some export capacities of some producing countries such as Iraq, adding to the oil supply in global markets in light of the lack of demand and led to a decline in world oil prices. He explained: in the event of the imposition of new economic sanctions on Iran before the UN Security Council, the prices of oil will not rise, because Iran is not ready to stop its oil exports, but will resort to other markets and major countries consuming oil and friendly to Iran, such as China and India. and South Korea became the first Asian countries to stop buying Iranian crude oil, which is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of purchase of Iranian oil, consumed 240 000 barrels per day. In April and May, the import of India less than about 40 of crude oil Iran, fell 18.2 per month of June from the previous year three consecutive months of decline, this means that Iran has lost about 570.000 barrels per day of sales in the first of July on the grounds that the international ban became effective, in addition to the loss of Iran to export 650 thousand barrels of crude oil and the other because of the sanctions imposed on it by. / Finished / 8. for. m /
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