House of Representatives voted today to pay $300 million to Kuwait Airways

Vote in the House of Representatives at its Saturday, to pay $ 300 million to Kuwait Airways Corporation.

A statement by the media department in the Council “that the House will vote in terms of Alambdoaly bill allocated three hundred million dollars to push it to the KAC for the payment of claims filed by them on the Iraqi Airways and the Iraqi government.”.

“The Council will also vote on the budget decision to increase the proportion of the agricultural sector of the overall federal budget for the public in 2013 to ten%.”.

The statement said “The Council will begin the first reading of the draft law the Iraqi media and complete discussion of the proposed law to amend the Law of the Electoral Commission for election No.. (11) for the year 2007. “.

He said, “Acil will start at today’s meeting the second reading of bills stone Alzeraio ratification Treaty (NPT) and the use, development and transfer of cluster munitions for the year 2008 (CCM) and the third amendment to the law of the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control No. (54) for the year 1979 and the ratification of the agreement on establishing a free trade zone between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab Convention for the transfer of guests penal and correctional institutions in the implementation of penal provisions and the Arab Convention against Corruption and the Arab Convention for the fight against organized crime across national borders. “.

He pointed out that “the Council will begin the second reading of Bill reverse the decisions of the Revolutionary Command Council dissolved on the field education (in 1117) for the year in 1977 and (1150) for the year 1978 and (1677) for the year 1979 and (972) for the year 1982 and (1382) for the year 1982 and (391) for the year 1983 and (945) for the year 1984 and (644 ) for the year 1989 and (120) for the year 1992 and (124) for the year 1992 and (87) for the year 1996 and (119) for the year 1998 “..