Al-Qaeda: we will get chemical weapons in Syria after the fall of Assad and we will use in Iraq

Al-Qaeda: we will get chemical weapons in Syria after the fall of Assad and we will use in Iraq


Palm – The sites have a close relationship to al-Qaeda terrorist and suites scattered throughout the region for the opposition forces on the Syrian chemical weapons in the event dropped the system will enable so-called “mujahideen” to get him to use in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that many of the fighters of al-Qaeda have joined the ranks of the armed forces opposed to the Baath Party in Syria and its leader, Bashar al-Assad where he was the leader of al-Qaeda terrorist Ayman al-Zawahiri called in earlier jihadist forces to travel to the Levant to fight al-Assad urged the mass demonstrations against the ruling family in Saudi Arabia to drop it and said that these revolutions have to be Islamic.

Recognized Syria for the first time to possess chemical and biological weapons and said it could be used against any outside interference in the country as seems to be the first time that recognizes where Syria to possess unconventional weapons, and Damascus is not a signatory to the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 1992.

And shared a lot of Iraqi officials goes to officials from Syria, the fall of Assad will drag the region into a long-term sectarian conflicts. It is feared the rise of terrorists from Iraq to power in the event was isolated Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

Accuses Syria has always been both Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Turkey, fueling the sectarian conflict and urges those countries on the need to constantly processing the events of the opposition combat equipment.

The base currently wing official called themselves the “Front victory” and make sure it relates to al Qaeda after he published the locations of terrorist data announced by which that organization has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in and approved by Iraqi officials and military migration of counter-productive for the time being of the country different to the Syrian cities of the fighting.

After the announcement of Syria possess chemical weapons, published sites and blogs, “jihadist” many threads on how to use those weapons against the “enemies” and the dissemination of written jihadi called “Harith al-Dulaimi,” a topic in the forum “I am a Muslim” in support of the orientations of the rule which he said, asking, “Is owned by the State of Islamic Iraq chemical weapons? ”

According to the Secretariat that most elements of the Syrian army who defected and formed an army of free or joined the jihadists are not experienced in street battles that most of them did not give any battle Deluxe a real battle waged by the Syrian army is in the seventies and the last battle has been the participation of the current leaders in which it is the war to liberate Kuwait ( of the invasion of Iraq) before the twenty years he says.

Turning to the blogger a statement to the spokesman, “the army free” Maher al-Naimi and the pilot announced that the control of the missile battalion in Mount Kassioun was including rockets loaded with chemicals.

Dulaimi said – a member of the Forum since 2005 and has more of the topics of 1700 – that this statement is a small and dangerous means that chemical weapons had arrived in the hands of the mujahideen and simply said most of the elements of the army of jihadists are free.

“The information says that a lot of Iraqi jihadists are led and is leading the battle against the military and the Magi Bashar in Syria, adding that it is unlikely to be used as” jihadists “chemical weapons, especially the Islamic State of Iraq.

He wondered, but the question is when will the use of the weapon (in Iraq)? And how? And where? Questions you should look for her answer and was the leader in the local wing of al-Qaeda terrorist in Iraq have all prayer “Muslim youth” to travel to Iraq to fight the Shiites and the government involving Sunnis and Kurds.

And threatened to launch more attacks against America, and said the attacks planned by the organization will be stronger than the attacks of September The United States has recently the amount of ten million dollars for information leading to the arrest of the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq have also been included on the list of “terrorism.”

Al Qaeda terrorist in Iraq, hundreds of terrorist attacks, car bombs and suicide bombs and assassinations in various ways, analysts say, the terrorist organization if he is given the chemical weapons it could be used against its goals whenever he wants, but hung defended the right of that Syria possesses chemical weapons, and said that supporters of the Syrian Revolution incite day and night on the Syrian chemical weapons .. (State) Jews shamelessly declare that they never will occupy Syria to (chemical weapons).

He noted the blogger site in Russian and called himself “Nasrallah and conquest” that he supported the use of this weapon against Israel, saying, “I do not mind the destruction of Israel by the” China, Russia and the allies of Damascus.

Israel said earlier that she is not concerned only the transmission of chemical weapons Syria to Hezbollah, but also of weapons systems advanced anti-aircraft and says blogger jihad in a comment seen by media sources in a hard-line that the West “fear that lies of these weapons, however, the jihadists.”

He said they refused to acknowledge that performed the bombing of bus in Bulgaria are (of) al-Qaeda for fear of high Jmahiritha also refuse to acknowledge Boukovhm the arrival of the chemical to the base of fear that affects panic and phobias the hearts of their countrymen and wondering last authorized the media client to the Americans that the Assad regime was supported by Al Qaeda and that an alliance with the statement by Ambassador Apartment dissident God in reference to the Syrian ambassador to Baghdad and Nawaf al-Fares, who recently defected to Qatar and left.

He said asking, “So why not be the fear is that the delivery of chemical weapons Bashar al-Qaeda allies rather than the fear of Lat delivered to the party?” In reference to Hezbollah is allied with Damascus and Tehran.

It is believed another blogger in a pro-al Qaeda that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will hand over his weapon chemotherapy to the west as did the Libyan leader, the late Muammar Gaddafi said and then begin the next step (a) that allows the West to Bashar to liquidate his opponents completely without object to the west of this, as allowed annihilation Hundreds of thousands of Muslims (in Burma).

He continued reaction to the Syrian will announce the formation of regional unity between Tehran and Baghdad (Parsee), Damascus and Beirut and the formation of the so-called alliance of “Nowruz” Another noted that the use of chemical weapons in Iraq will strengthen the chances of a “state of Islam” and end the control of Shiite power, according to the saying.

In contrast, the media adviser to Prime Minister Ali al-Moussawi said these tips and warnings for the base shows the insistence of Iraq to be a shift in Syria is safe and in a form that leads to a breakthrough crisis, nothing else, adding that there are indications that these aggregates are internalized in the ranks of the Syrian opposition said Moussawi These “criminals” and target specific human, and demonstrates the seriousness of the situation.
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