Deputy Coalition: the decision to compensate Kuwait null and illegal … Will pay the rate (5%) Of the general budget

Baghdad (News) … The State of law coalition member of National Alliance MP//Salman al-Musawi, Kuwait State compensation resolution No. (833) “void”.

He said al-Musawi (News Agency news) on Wednesday: Kuwait compensation decision was “unfair” and the new Iraq is illegal and has no sin to pay for the actions of the former’s invasion of Kuwait, calling: the Iraqi Government claims Kuwait compensation relief or the use of these funds by the Kuwait investment projects with participation of national firms in Iraq.

Al-Musawi said: the Iraqi Government respect international law to compensate the affected State impact of war but the new Iraq does not have any guilt to pay such compensation, and continued: but according to international law, Iraq forced to pay compensation.

And between al-Musawi: that Iraq would pay amounts as Iraq war losses compensation, and would be divided on balanced (2012-2013) so as not to weigh down the General State budget, will pay a percentage (5%) Each balance.