distribution (25%) From oil revenues could not be applied permanently on the ground

Baghdad (News) …The Attorney for an Iraqi/coalition Haider Mulla, inapplicability of resolution allocating 25% of surplus oil revenues to people on the ground.

He said Mullah (News Agency news) on Wednesday: the decision to allocate (25%) Of oil revenues is good but cannot be applied to the ground as a result of a shortfall in the General State budget (16%) , Indicating that oil revenues primarily can’t budget deficit to surplus and distributed to the people.

He added: the decision to deploy (25%) From oil revenue proposal of political blocks you want to attract the attention of its people without thinking where to pay, as well as customizations? not a surplus in the budget.

He described Mullah: resolution customizations kind “dharr sand in the eyes” used by some political blocs to illusions people and promises cannot be applied on the ground and make the Iraqi Street are real.

Mullah: the choice of political blocs such as the decision to allocate a portion of oil for the people is the title of a noble but the content is genuine and not be finished.