In his first speech … Prime Ministerial candidate Muhammad Al-Sudani announces his intention to form a strong government

In his first speech … Prime Ministerial candidate Muhammad Al-Sudani announces his intention to form a strong government


In his first speech ... Prime Ministerial candidate Muhammad Al-Sudani announces his intention to form a strong governmentOn Thursday, Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani announced his intention to form a strong government, while indicating his quest to hold local and parliamentary elections.

Al-Sudani said in a televised speech, “Today, we were honored to receive the letter of our assignment to form the new Iraqi government from His Excellency President Abdul Latif Rashid, relying on God and the support of our people, who endured pain, and made the dearest blood, and the most precious sacrifices.”

He added, “It is a matter of pride that we stand up to this great responsibility, and continue to serve our people, perform our duty and pay the debts we have to Iraq and its proud people,” declaring “our full readiness to cooperate with all political forces and societal components, whether represented in Parliament or represented in Parliament. The national space, for the responsibility is jointly borne by all, from political forces, professional and sectoral organizations, elites, competencies and opinion leaders.

Al-Sudani stressed by saying, “We will not allow exclusion and marginalization in our policies, as disagreements have cracked state institutions and lost many opportunities for Iraqis in development, construction and reconstruction.” strengthening national unity, rejecting division, and erasing hate speech.”

He continued, “I will do my best to form a strong government that is determined to implement its goals and program through the synergy of political forces by nominating efficient, professional and honest personalities capable of carrying out their responsibilities,” stressing that “our people’s waiting for this important moment has taken a long time, and it has burdened them and their sons, and have increased their burdens. The middle and poor classes, which have been the most affected over the past years.

He pointed out that “our work will start from the first hours of assignment according to a realistic government program that adopts economic reforms aimed at revitalizing the industrial and agricultural sectors, supporting the private sector, diversifying sources of income, addressing environmental impacts, desertification, climate change, and protecting water resources.”

He pledged that “the service government is determined to close the outlets of corruption through strict laws and legislation, in cooperation with the legislative and judicial authorities,” noting that “fighting corruption will be at the forefront of the government’s priorities, and we call on everyone to assume responsibility and participate in a comprehensive national campaign in the fight against corruption.”

Al-Sudani indicated that “our vision is clear and our program is supportive of local governments to enable them to provide the best services to our citizens, implement their duties and meet the legitimate demands of our children, in addition to our commitment to work according to the constitution in strengthening the relationship between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and settling disputes, since we are all Iraqis about outstanding issues. We hope for a life worthy of us and our civilization, in the shadow of a unified and stable Iraq.”

He stressed, “We will seek to hold local and parliamentary elections, in a free and fair atmosphere and in the light of a transparent electoral system that reassures all contestants,” adding, “It is time to restore the state’s prestige, impose respect for the law, and stop the deterioration and chaos in all its names and forms. It has the legitimate right to spread security, extend the law, and defend national sovereignty through its official military and security institutions, and we will work hard to create a safe environment for investment companies and diplomatic missions.