Iraqi lawmaker calls for Maliki’s government to build nuclear reactors for peaceful use

Iraqi lawmaker calls for Maliki’s government to build nuclear reactors for peaceful use

30/07/2012 17:00

Baghdad, July 30 (Rn) – The decision of the Iraqi Parliament, today, Monday, the Iraqi government to build nuclear reactors for peaceful use and to bridge the large deficit in electric power experienced by the country.
The House voted by majority in earlier Monday for a resolution made by the Commission on oil and energy sector requires the privatization of electricity in the country.

He said MP Muhammad Al-Khalidi in an official statement issued today by his press office “I call on the Iraqi government and the ministries

Concerned to start the establishment of nuclear reactors for peaceful use of alternative energy and broad to cover the deficit in electric power in all governorates of Iraq “.

Spent and Iraq since 2003 until in 2011 the amount of $ 27 billion for electricity, an amount he could, according to statements made by experts in the European countries to establish a comprehensive network of electric power to make Iraq a country a source of energy

Khalidi explained that “the government is required to find quick alternatives to generate electric power to save the citizens of the prolonged deprivation of electric power”.

He Khalidi that “he could convert projects to build power plants of other species, and thermal to invest in order to save money in the provision of service projects the task of the other.”, Noting that ” government can choose safe places in the country away from the population for the construction of those reactors, similar to countries other in the region, including neighboring countries”.

Iraq continues to suffer an acute shortage of electricity supply that is not enough only for a few hours a day up to eight hours, and this is a major source of public anger towards the authorities that failed to overcome the problem, despite an abundance of oil revenues.

Iraq plans to increase the capacity of electricity to 27 thousand MW in the next four years and require an investment of not less than 3 to 4 billion dollars a year to be able to achieve this goal.

Iraq has seen the formation of his government after a few months, a series of protests is the largest since 2003 demanding reforms and provide opportunities for the unemployed and the fight against corruption and the provision of energy Alkahrbaúh.

Source: aknews