The coordination framework announces its refusal to receive any message from the two chests: They threatened the head of the court with death

The coordination framework announces its refusal to receive any message from the two chests: They threatened the head of the court with death

2022-08-23 07:49

The coordination framework announces its refusal to receive any message from the two chests - They threatened the head of the court with deathShafaq News/ The Shiite coordination framework announced today, Tuesday, its refusal to hold any dialogue with the Sadrist movement, except after it retracted what it described as “the occupation of state institutions”, accusing it of threatening the President of the Constitutional Court with “physical liquidation”.

And he said in a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, that he “declares his full condemnation of the dangerous transgression against the judicial institution and the threats of physical liquidation against the President of the Constitutional Court,” calling on “all respected national political forces as well as societal activities not to remain silent, but to take the initiative to condemn this infringement.”

The coordinating framework announced, according to its statement, “its refusal to receive any message from the Sadrist movement or any invitation for direct dialogue, except after announcing its retreat from the occupation of the constitutional state institutions and returning to the side of the forces that believe in peaceful and democratic solutions.”

He also held the coordination framework, “the government is fully responsible for preserving state property and the lives of employees and officials, especially the judiciary, which is the only valve that remains for Iraq as a result of the domination of forces outside the state over the institutions and the imposition of their will outside the authority of the state.”

The coordination framework also called, “the Iraqi people, with all their segments, to be highly prepared and fully prepared for the next step in which the people must say what they say against the state’s kidnappers to restore its prestige and authority.”

The coordinating framework also called on the international community to “state its clear position in the face of this serious infringement on constitutional institutions, foremost of which is the judiciary and the legislative institution,” according to the statement.

In turn, the so-called “Organizing Committee for the People’s Demonstrations Protects the State” affiliated to the coordination framework said, in a statement addressed to the Iraqis, that “the authority represented to you in the parliament has been violated before, and today here is the judiciary, which is the measure of goodness and justice and the head of all the feats of all.” Countries and peoples, the mainstay of the state’s existence and prestige, and the safety valve for maintaining law and order in the most difficult circumstances, have been subjected to flagrant abuses and reckless threatening messages.”

The statement added that “the judicial authority announced its rejection and disapproval of this shameful behavior and decided to stop all its work in protest against these unconstitutional and outlaw actions, which represent a coup against the political system and the democratic process.”

“Therefore, we invite you, out of concern for the future of the state, its prestige, and the fate of this people, for effective and influential public participation in protecting the state and its institutions, and to stand with the Iraqi judiciary, which has openly and clearly declared the responsibility of the current government and the political party behind this flagrant violation.”

The committee indicated that this “calls on all free Iraqis to stand united behind the state’s judicial institutions, protect them, defend and liberate them from the outlaws and outlaws, and reject all manifestations of lawlessness and chaos that threaten the security of Iraq and Iraqis. To perform your national, legal and moral duty,” according to the statement.