Iraq announces its exit from Chapter VII procedures

Iraq announces its exit from Chapter VII procedures


Iraq announces its exit from Chapter VII proceduresOn Wednesday, Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein announced that Iraq had exited the procedures of Chapter VII, stressing that Iraq was turning the page of an important task that lasted 30 years.

Hussein said during Iraq’s speech at the Security Council session that was held today, “Iraq today turns an important page of its history that lasted more than thirty years,” stressing that “today begins a new page of Iraq’s diplomatic, political and economic history that enhances its regional and international role.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs added that “Iraq paid the last payment in accordance with its financial obligations and paid the full amount of compensation due to it, which is (52.4) billion US dollars,” stressing that “Iraq is no longer required to pay any additional sums of money in the future or deal with Chapter VII procedures.”

“We congratulate the Iraqi people and their government for the termination of these international obligations, and for Iraq’s exit from Chapter VII procedures, and we extend our thanks and pride to those in charge of Iraqi diplomacy,” he added.