After two years Iraq will be a request for a permanent member of the WTO

A member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Salman al-Musawi, “Iraq will join the World Trade Organization to be a permanent member of the following two years.

He said in a statement received Kalhanaba public opinion (and babysit) a copy of “The Iraq to join the World Trade Organization is very important regardless of the vote not to claim under the pretext of joining the consequences carried by this accession, which is wrong.”

He said Moussaoui “was supposed to be the Iraq of the permanent members of the organization two years ago to being a member of an observer in the WTO” Akzac “Since more than five years and therefore will have the privileges and responsibilities.”

He explained, “that the organization has asked Iraq to make serious steps in this area, to be an attractive environment for Lastosmar through Chiraa a range of laws including a law customs tariff and the protection of held consumer of monopoly within the law to protect the domestic product and trademark law,” and if they applied all of these Iraq things will be ready to join the WTO, which contains more than 150 countries. “

He noted that there are those who claim that joining this organization carries the consequences of Iraq, but he did not know it would be a catalyst to improve its economic situation as well as it would be a party to the global economic policy-making not only an observer.