Oil Law is ready for a vote in the House there is no justification for delaying

Baghdad (news) .. A member of paradise oil and energy MP / coalition in Iraq / Khalil Zaidan Khalaf, that the law of oil and gas Bmsaudath three is ready for submission to the House of Representatives at its next.

Khalaf said (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The drafts of the three oil and gas law is ready to legally and detailed to be presented to the House of Representatives to vote on it.

He explained: There are no obstacles to the law, except for some objections blocs and political parties benefiting from the delay to achieve personal interests.

He added that the study adequately provided by the Commission on oil indicate that there is no justification to delay the vote on the law in the next few days. He pointed to: that the legislation of the law of oil and gas will solve all the problems between the central government and the Kurdistan Region and reduce administrative and financial corruption in the sector wealth.