Iyad Allawi: Washington has been defeated, Israel is preparing the mission, and Iran will receive a blow from the east!

Iyad Allawi: Washington has been defeated, Israel is preparing the mission, and Iran will receive a blow from the east!

2021.10.31 – 12:53

Iyad Allawi - Washington has been defeated Israel is preparing the mission and Iran will receive a blow from the east!Baghdad – people

The head of the Civil National Front, Iyad Allawi, stressed, on Thursday, the importance of going to general reconciliation, to avoid a repetition of the current scenarios in Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.

Allawi said in a statement that “Nass” received a copy of it (October 31, 2021), “Tensions are escalating, and the drums of war are beating, to increase confrontations and fears for the peoples of our region and its neighborhood, Lebanon and Syria are on the palm of the imp, and that is Libya and Yemen, and its crushing and destructive war for the people of Yemen.” In the east, America was defeated and the Taliban won, and the reason for this is the refusal of the Afghan government allied with America to adopt national reconciliation in Afghanistan, in addition to that, there are problems between Armenia and Azerbaijan and an escalation in the confrontation, which prompted both Iran and Turkey to intervene in this conflict, and the confrontation between Azerbaijan and Iran are escalating and a clash is imminent.”

He added, “Where an important leader told me years ago that a strike would be directed at Iran from the east, and there are trainings on that, and it seems that the issue is being repeated now that Azerbaijan has threatened Iran with force. There is also a Turkish expansion, perhaps for self-defense in Syria and Iraq, and tensions between Turkey on the one hand, Greece and Cyprus, as well as Israel is preparing the task to confront Iran in the event of the failure of nuclear negotiations with America and its allies, and the mutual military maneuvers filled the seas of the world in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Black Sea, the Arabian Gulf, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

He continued, “All these tensions reflect negatively on the countries of the region, and determine their fates in the event of fighting to resolve matters in favor of this side or that, but certainly all will lose, and the disadvantages and threats will increase.”

He pointed out that “the Civil National Front (Mouj) demands that everyone exercise the utmost restraint and engage in direct dialogue through a regional conference, one of whose main tasks is to restore the permanent, comprehensive and just peace process on the basis of the two-state solution, with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.”

Allawi also stressed that this conference should put in place clear mechanisms aimed at reducing tension to the maximum degree, by taking the following measures:

1- Armaments reduction.

2- Full support for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation by selecting countries called the Group of the Wise to carry out efforts to reduce tension, such as Malaysia, Jordan, Morocco and Indonesia.

3- Establishing and assigning an international tribunal to consider appeals between countries that suffer from tension in their relations, in cooperation with the UN Security Council.

4- Laying out a map to prevent states from interfering in the affairs of other states, and preparing non-aggression treaties.

5- Strengthening economic and trade relations between countries.

6- Stemming from the strife before it escalates, and from the principle of prevention is better than cure, we direct our appeal to the G20 summit in Italy, to the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States, and to the UN Security Council, to carry out the tasks set by the United Nations system for fear of repercussions of what might happen God forbid.