The Sadrists to the skeptics: Your storm will end with a ministerial portfolio, and we will form the government with the Kurds and Al-Halbousi

The Sadrists to the skeptics: Your storm will end with a ministerial portfolio, and we will form the government with the Kurds and Al-Halbousi

2021-10-12 08:21

The Sadrists to the skeptics - Your storm will end with a ministerial portfolio and we will form the government with the Kurds and Al-HalbousiShafaq News/ A source in the Sadrist bloc and close to al-Hanana suggested the residence of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr; The acquiescence of all forces objecting to the election results to the fait accompli and acknowledging their defeat.

Today, Tuesday, the head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, announced his rejection of the preliminary results of the general parliamentary elections in Iraq, describing those results as “fabricated”, stressing, “We will defend the votes of our candidates and voters with full force.”

The source told Shafak News Agency; “All forces and blocs that are skeptical of the election results will succumb to the results of the ballot boxes, and the intimidation they provoked about fraud in the elections will end as soon as the final results are announced and the sponsoring and supportive parties for those losing parties calm down.”

He added, “The skeptical parties will accept the least losses by acquiring one or two ministries that secure their interests, knowing that they are trying to win over the feelings of the Iraqis by raising the issue of dissolving the popular crowd, while the crowds that they were relying on are the ones who failed them through their reluctance to participate.” In the elections, because these forces moved away from simulating the problems of the crowd,” noting that “the party that provided them with material and logistical support was shocked by the results of the elections, which revealed the extent of these parties’ distance from their real audience, and thus the whirlwind of the cup would calm down and things would return to normal and accept reality.”

The source continued; “Most of the winning forces will enter into an important strategic alliance with the current, which qualifies it to form a comfortable majority that will contribute to deciding the formation of the government quickly,” pointing out that “it may be possible to nominate an independent candidate from outside the Sadrist bloc acceptable to all parties, but so far things are moving towards naming a candidate.” my chest”.

He added, “The days are pregnant with surprises that will cut off the road for all the trolls with murky waters, but they (the surprises) will harmonize with the aspirations of the Iraqis, the most important of which is the formation of the government in a quick time without external interference or favoritism from a party at the expense of Iraq’s interests.”

till then; Al-Sadr’s representative in Baghdad previously and in Dhi Qar governorate currently, Ibrahim Al-Jabri, said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency; The attempt of some who reject the election results; promoting the issue of dissolving the crowd is urgent, as the matter is political and subject to official laws and legislation, not to moods and whims that are raised through social media platforms, aiming to bring down the first winning bloc represented by the Sadrist bloc, knowing that the parties promoting this had added the issue of dissolving the crowd within their propaganda To sympathize with the crowd and win it in their favour.

Al-Jabri called “the losing parties and skeptics of the Commission’s results to submit their appeals and review the Commission’s administration to find out the truth of their allegations.”

On the interference of neighboring Iran in forming the government; Al-Jabri stressed that “the formation of the government is an Iraqi affair, and it is not possible for Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or any of the neighboring or regional countries to interfere in drawing the course of the political process in the country.

He added, “With regard to forming the next government, the winning blocs in the elections (the Kurds, progress) have expressed their desire to enter into an alliance with the Sadrist bloc to form the government quickly, after announcing the results of the appeals submitted by all parties skeptical of the results.”

And the security official of the Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, “Abu Ali al-Askari”, announced that he rejected the results of the legislative elections, which showed a noticeable decline in the majority of the political arms of the “resistance” factions.

Al-Askari’s position also comes after the so-called “coordinating framework”, which includes Shiite political forces, rejected the results of the legislative elections in Iraq.

The coordinating framework stated in a statement, “…we announce our appeal against the announced results and our non-acceptance of them, and we will take all available measures to prevent voter tampering.”

This came after the preliminary results of the elections showed a noticeable decline of prominent Shiite forces.

According to the preliminary results, Al-Fateh won 14 seats in the elections, after it came second in the previous elections in 2018, with 48 seats.

The “Sadr bloc” swept the rest of the blocs in densely populated Shiite areas in central and southern Iraq, with 73 seats, according to preliminary results.

The Alliance of Progress led by Muhammad al-Halbousi came second with 41 seats, then the State of Law coalition led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with 37 seats, and the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani with 32 seats.