The Central Bank and the Environment: Soon, homes in Iraq will leave private generators through solar energy

The Central Bank and the Environment: Soon, homes in Iraq will leave private generators through solar energy

2021-09-24 08:23

The Central Bank and the Environment - Soon homes in Iraq will leave private generators through solar energyShafaq News/ The Central Bank and the Ministry of Environment announced on Friday that the homes of residents in Iraq will soon leave the private generators and move towards solar energy at a lower cost and more sustainable.

The Ministry of Environment stated in a statement today that the National Committee for the Central Bank’s initiative to set the latest model specifications regarding granting loans for various activities, including residential, industrial and agricultural, in addition to citizens’ homes for the purpose of purchasing solar energy systems, will complete.

This came during the third meeting held at the headquarters of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control .

Whereas, Ihsan Al-Yasiri, Deputy Governor of the Central Bank, confirmed during his presidency of the meeting that he who reviewed all the latest specifications that ensure that the systems are easy to use, sustainable, specifications and high quality for use by citizens and other activities, pointing out that the loans are with an interest of no more than 1%, which is It’s like a zero-interest loan

Al-Yasiri explained closely the launch of specifications and loans soon, and the year 2022 will witness a qualitative and clear shift in changing the behavior of the Iraqi individual in the use of renewable energy and solar energy, not only at the level of state institutions only, but will include homes but also at the level of housing complexes with soft loans and all industrial, agricultural and other activities.

He also indicated that the Central Bank and the concerned banks will be ready to receive loan applications, and inevitably we will witness a great turnout to apply for such loans, especially as it will end the suffering of citizens from spending on private generators and the pollution they cause to air and hearing, and to go to solar energy systems that provide sufficient hours and clean, secure and costly energy. Less .

In turn, the head of the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, Hussein Ali Daoud, explained that the agency has set determinants and governing controls that the techniques and equipment used are of international origin, high durability and long sustainability to ensure the success of this transition towards solar energy.

Director General of the Environmental Awareness and Information Department at the Ministry of Environment, Amir Ali Al-Hassoun, said that this national effort falls within the national plan of the government and the Ministry of Environment regarding climate changes and Iraq’s commitment to the Paris Climate Expenditure, in addition to achieving the goals of sustainable development and the ministry’s approach to raising awareness for the purpose of changing behavior towards renewable energy, which is one of the The tasks that we are still promoting in all sectors of Iraqi society.

He continued by saying: This committee is one of the outputs of the awareness and media effort that targets all government sectors, civil society organizations, unions, private sector institutions and citizens.