Al-Khalidi calls for a reassessment of the political process

Al-Khalidi calls for a reassessment of the political process

Tuesday 13 July 2021 | 08:34 AM

Al-Khalidi calls for a reassessment of the political processThe Parliamentary Strategic Planning and Government Monitoring Committee called on the government and parliament to re-evaluate the political and democratic process in the country .

The head of the committee, Hazem Al-Khalidi, told Al-Sabah newspaper, which was followed by “Eye of Iraq News”: “After the change and the fall of the previous regime, there were achievements, but they are not at the required level, and on the democratic side, there was one achievement, perhaps essential, which is holding elections, which are a small part of the democratic process. ” .

He added that “there is a failure in the aspect of freedom of opinion, and there are violations of the basic articles of the constitution, and the government must abide by them, and the political forces must re-evaluate themselves again, in addition to the government’s performance .”

He pointed out that “the legislative authority represented in the House of Representatives must re-evaluate the laws and the performance of the House, because what we believe has not been accomplished so far in a satisfactory way for the political and democratic process .”

Al-Khalidi pointed out that “one of the reasons that hindered the democratic process is the political differences because there are some political figures who believe that Iraq should be governed as it was ruled in previous periods before 2003,” noting that “the basics of democratic transformation are freedom of opinion and that there should be no control over money and weapons.” How can we believe that there is a democratic transformation in the presence of the exploitation of money, weapons and political positions?