Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-12-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 7-12-2021

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions7-12-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 I don’t know when. I don’t know the date…but based on every breath I take I am well aware that it is happening IMO…we are at that point that we are pressed against the wall…the power is there now. They are about to give it to the citizens and you but you just have to hang in there and go through the process as painful as it may be because this is not at all painful compared to what’s out there in the world…

7-12-2021 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article: “Zimbabwe Currency…its history in brief” This article says these notes [Zim 1,000,000,000 notes] are no longer any good. What I recommend you do is go to a currency exchange place and ask them if these notes are any good. Now the thing about the dinar is they are good notes. They are being used in country. These [Zim 1,000,000,000 notes] are no longer being used in-country is what it looks like. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I don’t want people wasting more money on Zim notes. I don’t have Zim notes…do a little more digging and find out about these notes. You might have bought a bunch of zim notes that aren’t worth anything. Just be careful.

7-11-2021 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] [When will they stop selling foreign currency?] …Most companies that sell foreign currencies are licensed under the UST here in the US. They are going to sell up until a minute or two before it changes…then after that they will still sell you foreign currency but at the new rate. This is how their business model works.

7-11-2021 Newshound Guru Jeff Article: “Al-Kazemi’s Advisor: There are 3 reasons that prevent changing the dollar exchange rate currently” They are telling you right now at this time they’re ready to invest in projects and they want to do all of this at the current rate without increasing it. Let’s look at what the 3 reason are. 1. The exchange rate is the prerogative of the Central Bank. 2. The currency rate was approved in the budget law… 3. All revenues derived from oil, even if it increases, will be able to cover the budget deficit…the government of Iraq is stressing to you they have all of their financial needs met and they don’t need to change the rate at this time…Remember this is all from the GOI…it is not from the Central Bank of Iraq. I promise you they’re telling you something completely different than this…you have to study it from the angle of the Central Bank not from the government.

7-11-2021 Newshound Guru Pimpy what gets me all the time is the amount of chatter and talk in the media about the rate change. It’s kind of crazy. They’re trying to convince us that the rate change isn’t going to happen…if it’s not going to happen then why are you talking about it so much for? What is really going on?

7-11-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 Everything is IMO. You can ask any guru on the internet and they will tell you, ‘Frank doesn’t know what he’s talking about.’ They are the ones that tell you, ‘According to my sources it happened yesterday!’ I’ll behave! :). The end of February, the beginning of March 2020 I told you IMO they have a date…Mustafa, the Fab 4 and the Governor of the Central bank have agreed. I told you in December they were actually ready to lift the value. We have the article where the IMF said very clearly Iraq is about to add value to their currency by the end of the year 2020.

7-11-2021 Intel Guru Frank26 It didn’t come about because on December 20th…the Central Bank of Iraq asked the IMF ‘could you please just hold on for a little bit…we would like to lower the value of our currency’…the number 1 reason was to fight against Iran. It worked…the other reason was to bring the citizens of Iraq into the banks to open up accounts…now every citizen is starting to understand what is being told to them in the last two and a half three weeks…we have about 11 articles…that tell you, ‘we’re changing the value of the exchange rate of our currency.’…things have been moving along very well. You see a lot of things that tell you this is happening.