Al-Kazemi’s advisor: It’s time to turn to solar energy to generate electricity

Al-Kazemi’s advisor: It’s time to turn to solar energy to generate electricity

Thursday 17 June 2021

Al-Kazemis advisor - Its time to turn to solar energy to generate electricityOn Thursday, Adviser to the Prime Minister for Financial and Economic Affairs, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, demanded the necessity of using solar energy to generate electric power, indicating that this energy is being started in the countryside .

Saleh said; “Part of the solution to the electricity crisis in Iraq is to resort to alternatives, which is to expand the use of solar energy to generate electricity,” noting that “the use of solar energy can solve many of the problems that Iraq is currently suffering from due to the lack of electricity supply .”

Saleh added, “This project must be supported by the state and not used in commercial investment through the popularization of the use of solar energy, and therefore the citizen can obtain it at a subsidized and reduced price to encourage citizens to use this type of energy .”

He pointed out that “the time has come for us to manufacture the panels or the participation of major companies to manufacture and spread them among citizens, especially the countryside, agricultural areas and separate housing units .”

He pointed out that “Iraq is rich in solar energy and is considered one of the rarest countries next to Saudi Arabia, with average sunrise hours per year,” adding at the same time that “we need strong programs to support this energy .”

He stressed that “there is a current tendency to establish solar energy projects after there were doubts and fears about establishing such projects previously,” noting that “the entry of advanced technology into these projects and that their costs have begun to decrease, and they are local alternatives that can be allocated to a single house or to a farm.” separately”.