What is the secret behind the Biden administration’s concealment of the truth about the nuclear negotiations with Iran?

What is the secret behind the Biden administration’s concealment of the truth about the nuclear negotiations with Iran?


What is the secret behind the Biden administrations concealment of the truth about the nuclear negotiations with IranThe blurring of the US position on the reality of the nuclear negotiations with Iran, to reach a new agreement that defuses tension, especially in the Middle East, led to many discussions between many observers in search of that secret, where they say that obtaining information about the talks from officials in Russia and Iran seemed Easier and easier to get from the Biden administration.

WASHINGTON – Since the start of the nuclear talks in Vienna between the Iranians and world powers, the administration of US President Joe Biden has not been committed to transparency regarding the progress of negotiations and what exactly is presented to the regime in Tehran, which the State Department described as “the worst state sponsor of terrorism in the world.”

While the Russians and Iranians have been saying for weeks that they are making progress towards reaching an agreement, the Biden administration has continued to underestimate the possibility of reaching an agreement within the United States and in front of allies in the Middle East region, led by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The American political scientist and Harvard University researcher Majid Rafi Zadeh raises in an analysis published by the “Gatestone” institute a group of doubts about the American position.

And he wonders whether Washington’s news blackout on negotiations with Iran aims to keep the US allies unknowingly to prevent anger that would disrupt the administration’s efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear deal that Iran had never signed? Or is it intended to keep the Americans and the guards in Congress under control and then surprise them with a deal at a later time?

Rafi Zadeh, head of the American International Council in the Middle East, says that if the Biden administration, as did the administration of former President Barack Obama, surprise everyone by reaching an agreement, would the time to act would be too late for the Americans? Is the return to the nuclear agreement the return that Biden agreed to pay for the support he received from Obama before the recent US elections?

After the Europeans agreed in early May that an agreement would be imminent, the Biden administration had no other choice but to unveil the truth on the eighth of the same month, and to admit that there was indeed an agreement on the way.

On the other hand, the Biden administration refused to disclose any sanctions it intends to lift from Tehran, which is the same method used by Iranian officials.

Nevertheless, it is surprising that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, “We have reached a point at which the Americans and Europeans say, frankly, that they have no choice but to lift the sanctions and return to the nuclear agreement, and that almost all sanctions have been lifted, and talks are continuing on some details.”

And when Rouhani says that the Biden administration will lift “major sanctions”, it is very likely that this will include those imposed on Iran’s banking and financial system, and those that have targeted organizations and officials who were blacklisted during former President Donald Trump’s term.

Not only that, but also the sanctions imposed on oil and mineral exports, the shipping sector, trade, and transactions with the Iranian regime, in addition to the sanctions imposed on commercial airlines in Iran that have been involved in arms smuggling operations, as well as those related to Iran’s terrorist activities and human rights violations.

President Biden had said earlier that he would lift sanctions on Iran with the aim of reaching a new nuclear agreement, and that he would work with America’s allies to achieve this goal. However, it appears that he intends to lift the sanctions in order to revive the 2015 agreement. Moreover, it appears that Washington’s allies, such as Israel or other regional powers, have not been informed of the progress of the negotiations.

Although Biden indicated that he wanted a more robust and longer-lasting deal than the previous nuclear deal, it is likely that the new agreement will be the same as the old one.

Rafie Zadeh believes that reaching an agreement in such a short time frame reveals that no new issues will be entered into the negotiations. In addition, the Iranian authorities were clear that they would not accept a different agreement, which might include restrictions on its ballistic missile program, or perhaps address Iran’s hard-line foreign policy in the Middle East.

It is very likely that the new agreement between Iran and world powers will include “termination conditions” that set a date for ending the restriction of the Iranian nuclear program, after which Iran’s leaders will be free to operate centrifuges and enrich uranium at any level they desire.

Also, this potential agreement may exempt Iranian military sites from inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency, and in addition to that, reviving the 2015 agreement will help the Iranian regime return to the global financial system and achieve more legitimacy, in addition to billions of dollars flowing into the regime’s coffers and militias. Affiliated with him.

From this logic, Rafi`zadeh asserts that everyone has the right to know what sanctions the Biden administration intends to lift from Tehran, because the Iranian regime has been killing Americans for nearly four decades and holding some of them hostage. This regime recently broadcast a propaganda video showing a fake bombing of the Congress building by the Revolutionary Guards, while the Biden administration seeks to lift its sanctions.

Republican Senator Pat Tommy tweeted in a comment on the video, in which he said, “The chief Iranian negotiator admitted last week that the Revolutionary Guards are the ones making the decisions in Tehran. And now we see that Iran is showing a fabricated video showing the Revolutionary Guards blowing up the Capitol building. ” And now, “the Biden administration’s priority must focus on deterring Iran from carrying out an attack of this kind, and not surrender by lifting sanctions.”