American report: The Biden administration is making false excuses for staying in Iraq

American report: The Biden administration is making false excuses for staying in Iraq

10:47 – 05/06/2021

American report - The Biden administration is making false excuses for staying in IraqInformation / translation …

A report by the American newspaper “The Hill” confirmed, Thursday, that the administration of US President John Biden is using false arguments to stay in Iraq, which means that no end to the war that has been going on in the country for 18 years is not expected.

The report, which was translated by “the information”, stated that “General Frank MacKenzie, Commander of the Central Command, explained four reasons: ISIS, Iran, Baghdad and Afghanistan, saying, ‘We will remain in Iraq , ”but each of these excuses was wrong in his estimation, at least, and there is no justification for prolonging the stay. In a country that was the second heir to the longest American war.

He added, “MacKenzie’s invocation of ISIS is not justified, because the task of returning lands has been completed in Iraq for nearly four years.” It is also completed in Syria, and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself was killed during a US raid in 2019, while Lieutenant General Paul Calvert, who leads the United States – led by the coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, said that “ ISIS’s ability to re-emerge is very low at the moment.” As he put it.

He continued, “And although Calvert also indicated that this could change, the same could be said of any of the many extremist armed groups in the Middle East that are enemies of the United States but pose only a limited threat, and certainly not a threat that justifies the ongoing occupation. To Iraq, which means that McKinsey’s idea of ​​eliminating all groups by military means is largely unrealistic. It is also not necessary for the security of the United States, and the endless pursuit of ISIS extremists is not a reason to remain in Iraq .

And he continued, “The second argument is Iran. It may seem correct that Iran wants the United States out of Iraq , and that Washington has a hostile relationship with Tehran, but this does not prevent the equal truth that staying in Iraq to spite Iran is an act of self-sabotage, It undermines our diplomatic goals, makes a war between the United States and Iran more likely, and exposes American forces to unnecessary risks. ”

The report stated that “when he turned to the Baghdad issue, McKinsey moved from hatred to outright falsehood, saying,“ I think it is very important that we realize that the government of Iraq wants us to stay. ”But he forgot that the Iraqi parliament tried to expel all American forces last year, and so the government Iraq “does not want us to stay” and they want us to leave.

He pointed out that “with regard to the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the comparison that McKinsey wants to avoid indicates that the withdrawal from Iraq , the costliest and most deadly of the two wars, is just as delayed as the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The invasion of Iraq began with false pretenses, which is a stain on US foreign policy. Its original mission of regime change has long since expired, and so has the secondary project to defeat ISIS, so what justifies America’s survival? “. End / 25 z