Maliki: foiled crises and our eyes will remain open to every crisis

Maliki: foiled crises and our eyes will remain open to every crisis

Monday, July 16, 2012 16:31

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said Iraq is developing day by day as happy and sad his friends and his enemies.

A statement issued by the prime minister today about al-Maliki said while attending the graduation ceremony of the sixtieth session for officers of the Police College that “the united arms of men would give Iraq’s position and location that deserves and you will bear the honor of the responsibility to protect the people who pins his hopes upon you, and maintain security in Iraq and strengthen its position among the countries of the region “.

“It would be you, and you are you move to the sites of new responsibility, truth and establish justice and protect the wealth of the people of looters and thieves, and beaten with an iron hand on each of tampering with the country’s security, stability and sovereignty, a task associated with the protection of the state and its political system and constitution, but due invites you to maintain on these three and not to allow one to violate the law and the Constitution. ”

And repented “We have disrupted a crisis but our eyes should remain open to every crisis, and we will move forward in openness in our relations with other countries on the basis of the interests of Iraq.”

The Prime Minister called “police officers to the fair treatment of citizens and equality among all the sons of the people and to be vigilant and to beware of promoters of sectarian strife, and contribute to the process of construction and reconstruction methods for securing an appropriate atmosphere for the work of international companies.” Concluded M.
Source: alforatnews