U.S. panel to recognize the squandering and embezzlement of billions of dollars rebuilding Iraq

U.S. panel to recognize the squandering and embezzlement of billions of dollars rebuilding Iraq

Monday July 16, 2012

Follow-up – and babysit – recognized the Audit Committee fund the so-called reconstruction of Iraq that the billions of dollars earmarked for that has been wasted, and does not know so far in any field has been spent.
Quoted by news reports as saying by the Committee mentioned in its final report, published today, “he can not determine the value of money wasted or misappropriated, due to the difficulty of the audits, but there is consensus on the value of the large” .. Asserting that the impossibility of determining those amounts wasted due to a number of factors, most notably the escalation of the violence that erupts in Iraq between now and then, and constant change of programs or areas covered by the reconstruction, in addition to changing the companies that are contracted to implement projects.

The report had been recording many of the violations related to receiving kickbacks, bribery and bid manipulation and fraud, embezzlement and other crimes that eventually led to directing dozens of indictments to civilians and U.S. military .. He pointed to the testimony of the Inspector General U.S. (Stuart Bowen), who confirmed that when he took office in 2004, said to him (Donald Rumsfeld) and then U.S. Secretary of War, “Why has accepted the job? It’s an impossible task.”

And reported the Committee in its report an example of waste and embezzlement concerning the amount of (35) million dollars appropriated by the U.S. War Department to rebuild the Baghdad International Airport, which began works which in 2006 but with the end of 2010 discovered the Inspector-General of the program that half of the amount at risk Balahadar, with no assigned to the other Akma implementation of the project.

It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Congress approved the monitor (51) billion dollars of so-called program of the reconstruction of Iraq, which is allocated to (20) billion dollars to rebuild the government security forces, and the like to rebuild the country’s infrastructure, which Mrtha occupation forces, that the program is being implemented under the supervision of The burdens of war the U.S. Pentagon and the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development.
Source: alrayy