Iran looming closure of the Strait of Hormuz

Iran looming closure of the Strait of Hormuz

Babylonian News / Baghdad

am 10:35 Saturday, 14/7/2012

Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in the event that oil tankers of the arrest or search, arguing that the movement of tankers have a legal right. And reduced Tehran at the same time would U.S. sanctions new facilities and some of the characters.

said Nasser Sudanese Vice-Chairman of the Energy Commission, the Council of the Islamic Consultative Assembly that he will close the Strait of Hormuz in the event of arrest or inspection of oil tankers Iran, as the traffic ‘legal right’ to Tehran.

The Sudanese told the Iranian Mehr news agency on Friday ‘are at present required consultations with various sectors to implement this plan.’

and reduced the Parliamentary Iran would new sanctions announced yesterday the U.S. Treasury, and said, ‘that all the prohibitions and the pressure will lead to greater prosperity of industry oil in the country. ”

The U.S. Treasury Department announced late Thursday that it has imposed new sanctions on Iranian companies targeting 11 entities and four individuals involved in Iran’s nuclear program and networks spread of ballistic missiles operated by the Ministry of Defense and the Aerospace Industries.

Penalties included a series of Iranian banks and companies work interface, including institutions based in Hong Kong and Malaysia, to prevent the violation of sanctions on oil trade with Iran.

He said the Iranian official that ‘the imposition of any form of the oil embargo would lead to the reduction of the national economy’s dependence on oil revenues. ”
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