Transparency International: Corruption in America is at its highest levels

Transparency International: Corruption in America is at its highest levels

Saturday 30 January 2021 | 04:24 PM

Transparency International - Corruption in America is at its highest levelsA report by Transparency International revealed, on Saturday, that the level of corruption in the United States is the worst in nearly ten years, as democratic institutions are exposed to dissolution and abuse of power at the highest levels .

The report, which was published by Foreign Policy magazine, stated that “the institution made clear in its report that” the United States has fallen to 67th out of a total of 100 points in the annual financial and administrative corruption perceptions index . ”

The report added that “there is a broader deterioration in American political institutions as a major factor contributing to the high levels of corruption in the country, while Director of Protection at the Foundation Scott Gretake said that“ public confidence in the American elections has been eroded by misinformation and unprecedented amounts of money that cannot be tracked. In the campaigns ”.

“The second important matter relates to a series of scandals revealed by the media, which showed the huge amount of dirty money flowing into the financial system inside the United States, ” he added.

“The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists revealed that major banks in the United States and elsewhere have deliberately facilitated the laundering of trillions of dollars of suspicious financial transactions, enabling drug leaders and terrorists to transfer corrupt money around the world, ” the report said.

And that “the Transparency Foundation clarified that while the United States was already doing poorly in some areas, the Corona pandemic contributed to an increase in corruption in the country, which raised” serious concerns “about weak oversight of relief packages from Coronavirus .

“The Corona pandemic is not only a health and economic crisis, but also a corruption crisis, and it is a problem that we fail to manage at the present time,” said Delia Ferreira Rubio, head of Transparency International.