Human rights reject the government’s “encroachment” on the citizens’ sustenance and question its capabilities

Human rights reject the government’s “encroachment” on the citizens’ sustenance and question its capabilities

12/21/2020 16:43

Human rights reject the governments encroachment on the citizens sustenance and question its capabilities[Baghdad-Where]
The High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq rejected the decision of the Central Bank of Iraq to reduce the value of the dinar in front of hard currency, and to infringe on the food and salaries of employees and people with limited income under any circumstance or pretext. Clear human rights and insistence on violating the constitution.
The Commission stressed in a statement, that “its legal mandate stipulated in accordance with Law No. (53) of (2008) amended gives it the authority to assess the extent of the commitment to provide the basic requirements for living a free and decent life and providing adequate income and adequate housing, in accordance with the text of Article 30.” ) Of the Iraqi constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1971.

She added, “Despite our support for the government’s actions in economic reform and combating corruption that threatens the entity of the state, we stress the need not to prejudice the citizen’s sustenance and source of livelihood and strive to provide alternatives. Living conditions before any decision may affect the citizen’s economic status. ”

The Commission continued, “The government’s intention to raise the exchange rate of the dollar suddenly and quickly without any clear vision or a studied economic feasibility or to provide alternatives to the poor and those below the poverty line who represent a third of the Iraqi people constitutes a clear violation of human rights and an insistence on violating the applicable constitution and binding international agreements.” “.

She expressed her hope that “the government will take bold policies in combating corruption, holding the corrupt accountable, recovering the stolen money, reviewing the structure of institutions that are a heavy burden on the state, controlling border crossings, sorting real employees from the illusions, creating real justice in the salary scale, controlling government expenditures, and seeking to reschedule foreign debts.” .

UNHCR has called on the government to ” the need to adopt more solutions to the wisdom and realism to address economic imbalances and adjust the prices of the market away” from the employees ‘ salaries and the source of living citizen and constitutional rights. ”

And she emphasized, “In any governmental reform step, the citizen’s interest must be taken into consideration first of all, and taking into account the difficult economic situation suffered by the large group of the Iraqi people, which has worsened with the Corona pandemic crisis and the government’s failure to provide adequate aid and support to citizens, Which makes us doubt its capabilities to carry out its financial duties in the current and future stage with the exacerbation of crises without searching for any effective solutions. ”