Al Kaabi threatens US forces with “fatal attacks”: What happened was just fireworks

Al Kaabi threatens US forces with “fatal attacks”: What happened was just fireworks

10/29/2020 11:24

Al Kaabi threatens US forces with fatal attacks - What happened was just fireworks[Baghdad-Where]

The leader of Harakat al-Nujaba, Akram al-Kaabi, threatened US forces in Iraq with “fatal attacks.”
Akram Al-Kaabi said, in a press conference from Tehran, the Iranian capital, that “the current measures of the Iraqi resistance against the United States are just fireworks,” vowing to operations he described as “large and deadly.”

Al-Kaabi, who held a series of meetings with Iranian military officials, added, “We pledge the United States to major operations and lethal strikes,” noting that “there is American pressure on political groups to stop the resistance operations in Iraq.”

He continued: “Revenge for the blood of Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis is not limited to one front, but this revenge will be taken in all its dimensions with the participation of various sections of the resistance until the last American soldier is expelled,” considering that “removing the American forces is one of the demands of the Iraqi people.”

He said, “In the event that a date for the American withdrawal is set by the Iraqi government and Washington rejects this deadline, the resistance groups have a strong reason to resume their activities and will respond firmly to the Americans.”

“The United States controls the Iraqi economy, and is trying to create a major crisis and destroy the Iraqi economy,” he added.

In early March 2019, the US Treasury Department placed the Iraqi al-Nujaba Movement and its leader, Akram al-Kaabi, on the list of international terrorism, as a result of its “implementation of the Iranian agenda that destabilizes the region.”