Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-17-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 10-17-2020

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions10-17-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 …who controls the oil and the gas sales in Iraq? Well now it’s a partnership…it was established because of what Kazemi did that he was told to do by Donald Trump. And that’s just gas and oil. Wait till you hear the rest of the minerals…this will stop all the corruption in the oil industry of Iraq…Isn’t that wonderful. Let me see, ‘Kazemi go back home and get rid of Iranian influence before you raise the value of your currency…’ That’s why you wanted the HCL…because it requires a new rate. This will stop all corruption in the oil and gas industry of Iraq and Iran you lose.

10-17-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “The government intends to apply income tax to salaries and allowances, starting from the current month” …there are many things showing up that equate to more pressure. This would be one of them…Putting taxes on them without Purchasing Power? That will not fly…imo!

10-17-2020 Guest Guru StephenMac63 If they RI at 1 to 1…the iqd is already in use inside of the country, what they are looking for is a better value than 1190 it’s sitting at now. CBI said the value will be 1 QD will equal 1 USD. That’s for the inside of the country. The Reinstatement…thats for Iraq to have bragging rights to the world. This will be seen on Forex, CBI website, and at your local bank. If Iraq was reintroduced to the world at a rate of 1 USD per 1 IQD, what would happen? Yes, many of the Dinarians will jump off the train and head-on with their lives. CBI is expecting that in any case. But more importantly, there were several laws that were put into place…and this allowed them to be International…of which has more value than being under sanctions, therefore, it’s highly probable that we won’t ever see 1 to 1. Iraq will always see, in-country, that 1 USD is 1 IQD. But it’s the value that counts.

10-17-2020 Guest Guru StephenMac63 Once it’s International and if it came out at 1 to 1, Forex would get a hold of this, and the currency market would be in a flurry. The only reason Forex would get a hold of it is because it would be international. With that labeling comes Laws, that offers protection to both Iraq and to International investors. As an International Investor, you would want International protection… and this is offered with the laws. What kind of International Investor would purchase large amounts of IQD once it’s International? Hedge Fund Firms…if they see that the IQD is at 1 USD and comes with legal protection, you can bet they would try and buy every single IQD possible because once it hit $4 per IQD (speculative), they would have made 3 dollars profit on a 1 dollar investment.

10-16-2020 Intel Guru Bruce [via WiserNow] …we should see something in the beginning or middle of next week – for us – this is the latest and most accurate information that we received today…I told you…that we were to start and go through the end of October – I still believe that will be the case for us… Realistically this is a process that we’re in the middle of…

10-16-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy …there’s more exchange rate talk. But it’s just conversation for now…they didn’t say this is being implemented. Again this is a discussion…

10-16-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 The HCL – It’s a law of the National Oil Company. It has 4 major laws in it…the last line item law that they have been working on to complete at least for 17 years…It’s the biggest law in contention – basically asking, Who controls the oil and gas in Iraq? Who distributes the profits that belong to the citizens?…who’s in charge of doing this? Now what happened [Tuesday]…this is to remove any distinction between Kurdistan and Baghdad. The question of who is going to control the oil and gas revenues coming into Iraq is now established…it’s going to give birth to the Hydrocarbon Law…that is huge. That is tremendously important in order for them to give a date and the rate.

10-16-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: “Central Bank Governor: We Have Started Implementing The Banking Sector Reform Plan” Article Quote: “He cautioned that “reducing the value of the dinar will create real competition and activate the industrial and agricultural sectors in Iraq.” The Prime Minister spoke about competition. The Finance Minister spoke about competition. Now the CBI Governor is speaking about competition. Competition is a key component of a market economy. Looks like the Central Bank of Iraq has had the ear to the IMF. The reform paper terms are initiated now.. The terms or basis has to be applied when international. That is all about what is expected next as in what is to follow.. Yep, that is implementation of the basis.. Read rate or value.. Either works for me.

10-16-2020 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] …Iraq contacts are still very confident we will see some kind of vote over the weekend that allow us to move forward with a new value…I hope they are right… Noone knows the exact timing so just hang on and moderate your expectations.

10-16-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 …I bought my dinars in 2004 so that’s 16 almost going on 17 years now and I remember way way way back then somebody said to me ‘Frank the day that you see the HCL for the citizens of Iraq in the next breath you will see the new exchange rate’…17 years has gone by and [Tuesday] my teams finally saw the HCL…What did I say IMO was inside of the ‘white papers’? The rate – How much they’re going to value it when they lift the 3 zeros form their exchange rate and the date of when they’re going to announce this to the citizens of Iraq. What else did I say the white papers contained? The HCL. Wow…no wonder those white papers make sense…