Urgent Paying employees’ salaries, starting tomorrow, Wednesday

Urgent Paying employees’ salaries, starting tomorrow, Wednesday

10/06/2020 18:39:45

Urgent Paying employees salaries starting tomorrow - Wednesday{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Ministry of Finance announced that the salaries of employees will be paid, starting tomorrow, Wednesday.
“Based on the directives of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, the Ministry of Finance confirms that late payments of public sector salaries for the month of September will begin to be paid in full, starting tomorrow, Wednesday (10/7/2020) and the following days,” the ministry said in a statement received by Al Furat News.

The ministry indicated that it is “obligated to fulfill its legal obligations despite the acute shortage of revenues facing the country, and looks forward to cooperating with the House of Representatives and the relevant authorities in order to develop quick solutions to address the current economic and financial crisis.”

The ministry added that it would like to point out that “the financial pressure in the country will continue in the foreseeable future, as the country’s main source of income from oil exports will be constantly affected by the global decline in demand and the massive outbreak of the Corona pandemic.”

It indicated that it “appreciates the urgent demands on the federal budget from all directions. Iraq is facing an economic emergency that will be bypassed by national unity and cooperation between all parties.”

She pointed out that “the task force led by the ministry has completed the” white paper “for economic reform, and the ministry is about to finalize the 2021-2023 budget. We are confident that the reform and change process will lead to a more robust economy and contribute to raising the living standards of our people.