Parliamentary investment reveals a dangerous file related to the currency auction

Parliamentary investment reveals a dangerous file related to the currency auction

03-10-2020 02:36 PM

Parliamentary investment reveals a dangerous file related to the currency auctionBaghdad / Al-Akhbariya

A member of the Iraqi House of Representatives revealed that the Investment and Economy Committee, Riyad Al-Tamimi, had a dangerous file related to the currency auction.

Al-Tamimi said in a statement that “striking corruption in Iraq is a general national goal, which is no longer confined to a specific committee or entity, but rather a general Iraqi position, and a broad popular demand. Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s view is dominated by one of the most dangerous financial files that include suspicions and plundering public money. “.

He explained that “controlling the currency auction, stopping false invoices, tax evasion and customs evasion resulting from those bills, and bearing bank owners legal responsibility needs a decisive and quick position. There are those who evade through fraudulent invoices from tax payment, customs, currency smuggling and money laundering corruption and requires follow-up.” And accountability to all the banks that were established after 2003 about the seizure of money and the search for these fortunes that were looted through the window of currency sale at the expense of public money. These private banks were established in smuggling and money laundering.

He indicated that “the matter also requires investigation of smuggling these funds through the so-called currency auction and holding them responsible for smuggling, which was confined to the file of the five banks and this file was terminated after the death of Chalabi, may God have mercy on him, and today we call on the government to open this file without any delay and this government bears responsibility for the continuation of Smuggling currency in cases where it did not take any measures similar to previous governments.

He continued, “We in the Parliamentary Investment and Economy Committee confirm and renew our position towards uncovering corruption files and cooperate with the Iraqi government and President Al-Kazemi to deter corruption.”

He pointed out that “bringing those responsible for these acts that destroy the country to the judiciary and holding them accountable for all the thefts and the systematic destruction of the Iraqi economy is an urgent necessity at this time,” noting that “recovering the stolen money will help improve the confusing financial situation in Iraq, and restore the Iraqi street’s confidence in the government.” And Parliament. ”