Parliamentarian: holding early elections next June “is a fantasy”

Parliamentarian: holding early elections next June “is a fantasy”

9/26/2020 12:00

Parliamentarian: holding early elections next June is a fantasyWhere’s News _ Baghdad

the deputy of the State of Law coalition, Abdul Hadi Mohan Al-Saadawi, considered holding early elections in June next year a “fantasy”, referring to a number of “obstacles” that prevent them from taking place on that date, including the lack of stability Security.

Al-Saadawi said in an interview with Ayna News, “The word early elections is not correct, and it is a controversial and not serious word. Even when the government set the date for early elections in June of next year, it is not serious about choosing this date,” noting that “one of the obstacles that is The elections are prevented from being held on the specified date because there is no security ground in the provinces and there is no security stability until we hold elections.

He added, “The other matter is related to the Federal Court Law, which we believe that there are many difficulties in passing it, and without this law there is no federal court, and this in turn leads to the absence of elections because no electoral results can be approved without the approval of the Federal Court,” pointing out that “The other issue is related to the election law, and there are major controversies and disagreements about it, in addition to that, until the moment, no funds have been allocated to the election commission to complete the logistical procedures for the elections and complete their procedures and contracts.”

He continued, “According to my personal opinion, holding early elections in June of next year is unlikely and a matter of imagination, and there is no clear vision for the political and security process in the country and its stability,” stressing that “we support the date set by the government and we support early elections, and we do not reject it.” In the event of overcoming obstacles, but our problem is on the multiple circles and not adopting biometrics because these matters will create big problems and conflicts

. It is worth noting that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced that the sixth of June 2021 will be the date for holding early elections.