Full text of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s speech

Full text of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s speech

08-30-2020 05:00 PM

Full text of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemis speechBaghdad / Al-Akhbariya

Al-Ikhbariya news agency publishes the full text of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi’s speech commemorating the tenth of Muharram.

The following is the text of the word:

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

The sons of my honorable people

On the memory of this solemn day, I address you with sadness.

The tenth day of Muharram.

The affliction of the family of Muhammad (may God bless him and his family and companions, and peace be upon him)

The great events and challenges in the history of nations have always been lessons to take advantage of and turn them into an energy building, production and support for the values ​​of society.

In known cases, failure to benefit from lessons may turn into a stabbing attack in the heart of this ummah.

The Iraqis faced all the challenges and carried the burden of severe wounds on their shoulders, generation after generation,

And they reached this day, and they are a diverse, united people who shelter in the tent of Iraq, the great Iraq.

This would not have happened if the Iraqis had not turned the lessons of history into a material of social production and into high moral human values.

O sisters and brothers who commemorated the night of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his brother Al-Abbas and their companions.

Thank you for your commitment to the rules of social distancing imposed by the Coronavirus.

Iraq will remain throughout history because its people have benefited from the lessons of the past and turned them into a material for social cohesion

Not civil wars and revenge.

Al-Hussein Fajr ..

Al-Hussein tolerated ..

Al-Hussein is my spiritual faith ..

Al-Hussein is kindness to the poor.

Hussein is the master of the martyrs.

Al-Hussein is a prayer for martyrs.

Al-Hussein … who planted his name in our eyes …

And in the bottom of our hearts ..

It is the peace lesson that we offered to humanity

Hussein’s blood ..

And the blood of all the martyrs, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, all the Iraqi palm trees sprouted in their wake and scent.

And it reached all the Iraqis ..

Every drop of a martyr’s blood is a message to all of us that says:

(Beware of the spirit of revenge ..

Do not hate ..

Embrace each other and rebuild your country, do not destroy it

Iraq first

Iraq second

And thirdly ..

Iraq first ..

This is the Hussein, whose values ​​we have been raised, generation after generation.

Hussein, who redeemed the spirit of Islam.

And the land of Iraq was honored with his body.

Al-Hussein … who lived as a symbol when the trace of his killers ended, just as the trace of all the bloodshed of the infallible Iraqis will end, unlawfully.

my parent ..

I extend my deepest condolences to the rational authority and its supreme position, His Eminence, Ali Al-Sistani, may God bless him.

The reference that preserved the tolerant Hussein legacy.

It refused to include the principles and values ​​of Hussein (peace be upon him) in political or sectarian maneuvers.

The reference that protected the heritage of Al-Bayt, the heritage of social solidarity.

And scientific, moral and religious extension.

And a sincere national vision.

Our beloved people .. the great people of Iraq

We have completed the first phase of this government’s commitment to investigating the facts about the Tishreen events, by inventorying the numbers of martyrs and beginning to hand over their legal entitlements.

We have also started to take stock of the wounded and will end their entitlements.

While we support freedom of expression and affirm that peaceful Iraqi demonstrations are a path of reform and correction,

We affirm … that the dignity of our armed forces and security apparatus is not in dispute.

We will not hesitate to apply the law against aggressors on public and private property and those who abuse the principle of peaceful protest.

The assault on the security services, medical personnel, the prestige of the state and the law, we will face it with the most severe legal measures, and we call upon our pure clans to reject the transgressions committed in their name.

The calls that we hear to take up arms will be confronted with the force of law,

Only the state bears responsibility, the responsibility for reprisals.

The state does not retaliate,

The state promotes justice and takes the right of the victim by punishing the perpetrator.

We have a choice between the state … and no state.

The state has a wall among the values ​​of Imam Hussein … a wall of humanity’s values, from the values ​​of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his family and companions, and from the sacrifices of Iraqis.

We will not allow anyone, party, or malicious intent to drag us into non-state,

This term is the product of years of challenging the Iraqi identity and Iraq, and the existence of Iraq and the people of Iraq. This challenge will not continue, and the state will regain its title.

Early elections are our firm commitment to our people, and the government has fulfilled its commitment according to the ministerial platform voted by the esteemed parliament by setting the date for the elections,

Therefore, I call on all Iraqis to prepare by registering with the biometric card, which we consider necessary to ensure the integrity of the elections.

Race to ensure that everyone has the right to vote.

To all those concerned with the peaceful political process and those calling for the state and the preservation of the state and the prestige of the state, they must prepare and prepare the ground for honest competition in accordance with the legal rules in early, fair and just elections.

I call on the political forces and popular actors to unite at this sensitive stage … and the government is equally caring for all.

Our dear people throughout the nation

I decided to form a supreme investigative committee, linked to the office of the Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, to investigate major corruption and exceptional crimes cases, and it will grant all the powers required to achieve the prestige of law in society and restore the rights of the state and citizens from the corrupt and aggressors.

We have the determination to adhere to our commitments, and we will be on the covenant with our people to cross this stage to a land of safety, and we affirm that the fugitive weapons and gangs of crime, assassination and kidnapping are a dagger in the heart of the country and in the heart of every Iraqi,

The security forces have moved with all their energy and are conducting extensive investigations, which we will announce upon completion, in order to obtain redress for the families of the victims and punish the perpetrators.

No one is above the law.

There is no one above Iraq .. Great Iraq

Imam Al-Hussein (peace be upon him) said his famous saying:

“What a humiliation from us”

And the generations after him chanted: “Ohhsen with our consciences.”

Ashura message is the message of peace

Hussein’s message is peace

Peace, mercy and blessings of God