The State Department of the US Senate sends a message to Al-Kazemi .. this is its text

The State Department of the US Senate sends a message to Al-Kazemi .. this is its text

20/8/2020 13:13

The State Department of the US Senate sends a message to Al-Kazemi .. this is its text(Baghdad: Where’s News) The head of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the senior member of the committee sent a letter to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, who is currently visiting Washington.
The text of the American letter to Al-Kazemi stated: We are writing to welcome you and express our support for the continuation of the close partnership between our two countries, as we share with you the desire to see a secure, sovereign Iraq free from unwanted foreign interference.

We realize that our two countries have a common history, and we believe that the ongoing strategic dialogue between the United States and Iraq will pave the way for an ongoing relationship between the two countries, as well as the creation of a secure and prosperous Iraq in which all Iraqis will enjoy.

We highly value your commitment to security cooperation between the United States and Iraq, and we realize that this cooperation will only be based on the request and approval of the Iraqi government.

As our mutual security cooperation has dispersed the existence of the caliphate of the Islamic State, increased the professionalism and capabilities of the security forces, and laid foundations for Iraqi forces to lead military operations with multi-level American military support. More importantly, this cooperation continues to consolidate the primacy of the Iraqi security forces as the true guarantor of Iraqi sovereignty over any other independent armed group.

We were astonished by your commitment to the necessary reforms that will be difficult to achieve politically and the concrete steps that you have taken to implement those reforms.

We also encourage any efforts that can be initiated in order to root out corruption and reform the system of patronage that has hindered economic growth in Iraq and pushed many Iraqi youths to the streets to demonstrate during the past year. We also respect your commitment to protect the rights of people in peaceful demonstrations and to listen to their demands.

We are confident that the US-Iraqi economic cooperation will enable Iraq to benefit not only from its natural resources, but also from its human resources, by pursuing more reforms that encourage Iraqis to establish projects in the private sector in addition to foreign investment as well as strengthening diplomatic ties. And economic with the neighboring Arab countries.

Finally, we are encouraged by your announcement on July 31 that early elections will be held in Iraq next June. As always, the United States stands ready to support the democratic process in Iraq. As members of the Senate, we believe that there are few strong examples of Iraq’s sovereignty, including the holding of free and fair elections that clearly demonstrate that Iraqi leaders will be subject to the rule of law and the will of the Iraqi people.

We realize that the way forward is not easy. From the efforts of national and local reconciliation to the last remnants of ISIS to the drop in oil prices as well as the spread of the Corona pandemic, we have become clearly aware and fully sympathetic to the challenges that your government faces and that ordinary citizens of every sect and race face. However, we also believe that there is bipartisan support in Congress to deepen the partnership with Iraq in the interest of the security and prosperity of the United States and Iraq while we continue to respect Iraqi sovereignty.