The Iraqi Parliament Vows to Question an “Uncooperative” Minister

The Iraqi Parliament Vows to Question an “Uncooperative” Minister

08/15/2020 16:13

The Iraqi Parliament Vows to Question an Uncooperative Minister[Baghdad-Where]
The Parliamentary Finance Committee vowed, on Saturday, to question the Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, for not cooperating with it.
Committee reporter Ahmed Al-Saffar said, “The government works as it wants as if it has all legislative and executive powers, and is not interested in the absence of the general budget and is read by Parliament.”

He added that “the Minister of Finance is not cooperative and works as he pleases and does not care about the parliament and the Parliamentary Finance Committee, because they exploit the lack of meetings and the absence of the oversight role of the House of Representatives.”

Al-Saffar stated, “The Finance Committee holds frequent meetings every week via the electronic platform or online, and has requested to host Finance Minister Ali Allawi, agents and officials in the ministry, but they did not attend or respond to our request.”

He pointed out, “The committee asked the minister to send a brief budget in order to have a legal framework for spending the expenditures, but he did not respond to us,” stressing that “the committee does not know what the government is doing, considering that the oversight role is zero.”

The reporter of the Finance Committee continued, “The committee will host the Minister of Finance in the Parliament building after resuming the Council’s sessions. However, some members of the committee insisted on questioning the minister for not cooperating with the existence of administrative and financial irregularities by the government and the ministry.”