Urgent Hakim announces the formation of an “Iraqi” coalition and defines its goals [expanded]

Urgent Hakim announces the formation of an “Iraqi” coalition and defines its goals [expanded]

6/30/2020 18:01

Urgent Hakim announces the formation of an Iraqi coalition and defines its goalsAyna News – Baghdad

The head of the National Wisdom Stream, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, announced the formation of a popular parliamentary coalition in the name of (Iraqis).

Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim said in a speech on the occasion of the announcement of the alliance, “Today we meet in light of the great and serious challenges our country is going through, with the expansion of the Corona pandemic, which has ravaged the whole world and Iraq was a patch of its breadth and spread and the high number of deaths and injuries it has so we ask God health and safety for our people and for all of humanity and a speedy recovery For the afflicted, mercy, and forgiveness of the deceased, and the patience and solace of their loved ones. ”

He added that, as “living at the same time a severe economic crisis and a sharp decline in financial resources, which constitutes a major challenge to the capabilities of the state, and affects the assessment of its priorities, foremost among which is the provision of salaries and the necessary operational budgets, as well as the investment budgets required to advance the country and develop and maximize its resources, and not It is hidden that everyone falls under huge pressure imposed by a group of security, administrative, social and political crises.

Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim continued, “On the vital side of the national scene, we met a strong and youthful will, seeking with determination and determination to reform, expressed by our heroic youth in bright images through peaceful, conscious and responsible protests, for which they paid pure and pure blood” indicating that “facing these Challenges and meeting the demands of our people and our youth require serious and rapid steps at all levels, politically, economically, MPs and government.

He pointed out that “In this context, and based on the above, and who is obsessed with national responsibility, and on the centenary of the immortal revolution of twenty, we announce today the formation of a large parliamentary political coalition that starts from the state and moves in the state space and returns the sum of its efforts to the state, and supports the strong, capable, self-sustaining state National sovereignty, and pure popular will, away from quotas and narrow factional agendas, and outside of suspicious deals and futile temporary understandings. ”

And he affirmed, “This great alliance, formed by a number of political forces and independent national figures, carried, as members wanted it, the name (Iraqi coalition), to express sincere accompaniment to the successive transformations taking place in the country, taken from moderation, moderation, support for the national project and unitary speech.” , A solid basis for representing the forces of the state in a clear and fair manner. ”

And the head of the National Wisdom Stream said, “The (Iraqis) alliance aims primarily to the following:

The (Iraqis) alliance aims mainly to the following:

1- Strengthening the path of the state and its institutions, applying the law to all, and restoring confidence in the political system

2- Supporting our forces The valiant armed, which includes the army, the police, the popular crowd and the anti-terror apparatus, and the Peshmerga within its institutional framework and its commitment to its duties within the contexts of law and state policies

3. 3- Consolidating the path of serious, courageous and resolute reforms in the face of corruption and waste of money

4- 4- Meeting the true demands of the demonstrators and supporting them

5- 5- Enabling the approach Moderation to support political stability

6. 6- Keeping Iraq away from regional suffocation and international conflicts; making it a key player for rapprochement between brothers and friends, resolving crises and boycotts in the region, and encouraging the expansion of bridges of relationship and mutual interests with countries in the region and the world

7- Emphasizing the main demand for early elections .. Honest and fair .. Ensures the rights of all without distinction or misleading and create their requirements

8- Support the real reform and development efforts of the entire political system .. and get rid of the effects of consensual non Feasible and idle path of repair, construction, and reconstruction.

9- Reinforcement of health insurance, economic development, and the restoration of national leadership.

10- Supporting the reconstruction process and providing services in the southern governorates, strengthening local governments, and supporting the return of the displaced and the reconstruction of liberated areas, to fair services and a free and dignified life for all citizens.

Mr. Ammar Al-Hakim stressed that “our alliance today is characterized by a large number of parliamentarians, but it does not stop at the language of numbers, but rather provides a new model in the conscious and responsible political administration.”

He continued, “All national efforts, good and sincere, from the parliamentary and governmental powers, personalities, political entities, organizations and activists in all fields should be united towards a central goal that confirms the determination to support the path of the capable state and strengthen it, so we cannot face challenges and crises without a strong state, and it cannot We preserve rights and protect sanctities, without a strong state, and we cannot prevent corruption and cut the hands of thieves and criminals, without a strong state, there is no alternative or alternative to a strong and capable state, which protects rights and guarantees the future of our children and our youth. ”

He called for “refraining from contradictions, conflicts, neglect and negativity in defamation, interpretation and confusion of papers. Today is a working day, a reform day, and a clean competition day within the framework of the state, not outside it.”

He said, “We in the (Iraqi) alliance extend our hand to the existing political, social and popular alliances for cooperation, synergy and integration of roles to serve our people and our country and unify efforts to activate the tasks of the parliament and legislate the necessary and service laws and support the paths of reform in the country,” stressing that “the door to join this alliance will remain open to everyone He desires, who believes in himself the ability to altruism and present the supreme interests of the state over any other interest. ”

Mr. Ammar concluded his speech by saying: “We are going, God willing, towards correcting the political track, restoring the prestige of the state, its sovereignty, and establishing moderation and stability. Armed people, we gathered the people, our righteous martyrs, and all the sacrifices for the sake of this dear homeland and peace to our proud Iraqi people. ”