General Electric announces the completion of 3 stations in Baghdad and the work of 11 new stations

General Electric announces the completion of 3 stations in Baghdad and the work of 11 new stations

06/10/2020 16:45:16

General Electric announces the completion of 3 stations in Baghdad and the work of 11 new stations{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Chief Executive Officer of General Electric (GE) in its branch in Iraq and the Levant, William Wakeelah, confirmed, on Wednesday, the continuation of work on the most important projects directed towards serving Iraq in the electricity and health sectors.
The company said in a statement that “General Electric” has succeeded, in cooperation with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity during the past ten years, in adding approximately 14 gigawatts of electric power throughout Iraq, which was previously contracted to become a contribution to the generation of more than 50% of the total energy Electricity produced in the country through power plants deployed in Diyala, Karbala, Najaf, Basra, Mosul, Baghdad and all other provinces. ”

She pointed out that “the company was the first initiative to enter the liberated areas in Iraq with the aim of contributing to the restoration of infrastructure, including the restoration of the 750-megawatt Qayyara power plant after its damage during the recent events in Mosul, where its team cooperated with the Ministry of Electricity cadres to repair six gas turbines from GE 9E, fuel system replacement and tank leakage, in addition to other work related to calibration of plant equipment to fully restart them. ”

She explained that she “is going ahead today with her work, especially during these difficult circumstances the entire world is witnessing due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic,” noting that “the General Electric” working team continues its commitment to provide operation and maintenance operations in electric power plants in Iraq, such as the Samawah and Dhi Qar stations Which units started with the first operation and will contribute to increasing production capacity to the Iraqi electricity network, especially with the advent of the summer, as these two stations are of great importance due to their vital role in supplying the country with the necessary electrical energy. ”

She continued, “The GE team also completed for the Energy Services 4 gas turbines of the type 9F.03, two steam turbines and 6 generators according to the specified schedule in safety and safety in the Basmaya power station, which is the largest and most developed in Iraq.”

The company indicated that it is “directing its focus towards building secondary stations to support the stability of the national electricity transmission network and dismantling bottlenecks in overcrowded areas, where three secondary stations with a capacity of 132 kV were completed in the capital Baghdad this month, and eleven new sub-stations are being worked out in various governorates of Iraq, including Mosul. Anbar and Basra. ”

The company pointed out that it “provided advanced equipment to diagnose cancer, including the production of radiation tracking solutions locally at” The Andalus Specialized Oncology Hospital, which was opened recently in Baghdad, and is considered the first fully equipped private hospital of its kind in Iraq. This hospital includes the first modern cyclotron system Sufficient to cover the needs of positron emission devices / computer tomography to diagnose heart, cancer and other critical conditions in Iraq. ”

She said, “The opening of the hospital will bring tremendous benefits to the Iraqi people, including providing modern and integrated health care services for cancer patients and thus reducing the need to travel abroad, especially with the outbreak of the Corona virus” Covid-19 “.

Mohammed Al-Marsoumi