There are Kuwaiti parties that do not want a truce with Iraq

Odai Awad: There Kuwaiti parties do not want a truce with Iraq

Monday, July 2, 2012 12:44

BAGHDAD / Albgdadioz / .. MP for the Liberal parliamentary bloc Odai Awad and there political parties in the State of Kuwait does not want a truce with Iraq.
He said Awad told / Baghdadiya News / Sunday, Rdaaly what appeared in the Kuwaiti media, which criticized the visit of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to Kuwait last month: “The onslaught of information suffered by Mr. Sadr, by some members of the National Assembly Kuwait and some from media do not represent the view of Kuwaiti people, but represent a small group does not want to re-normalize Aalaqat Iraqi-Kuwaiti. ”
Awad added that “al-Sadr’s visit to Kuwait came at the invitation of Kuwaiti advance,” adding that “al-Sadr in response to touch and willing Kuwaitis turn the page on the past and establish a platform for cooperation in all fields based on good neighborliness between the two brotherly peoples.”
He went, “We are in a cluster Liberals deplore the existence of elements in Kuwait is trying to sow seeds of discord between the two countries at a time trying to will the good of the parties to end any form of dispute forever.” / Finished / 21
Source: albaghdadianews