Deputy for Nasr: We are heading to chaos and our support for Allawi is conditional with 14 points

Deputy for Nasr: We are heading to chaos and our support for Allawi is conditional with 14 points

2/3/2020 10:35

Deputy for Nasr - We are heading to chaos and our support for Allawi is conditional with 14 points[Baghdad-Ain]
Deputy for Al-Nasr coalition, Riyad Al-Tamimi, revealed conditional support for Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi by a coalition, while warning of future chaos if the search for a new candidate continues.
Al-Tamimi said in a press statement that “Allawi came with the nomination of the 170 deputies and the support of political blocs to give impetus to the President of the Republic by assigning him to get out of the crisis.”

He added, “Victory is not opposed to assigning Allawi, but rather to the government program that meets the demands of the demonstrators.”

Al-Tamimi stressed that “all political blocs were aware of the danger of the next stage through the blood that was shed in the demonstrations and trying to restore confidence with the people that caused the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi to bear and bear the political blocs that agreed to it.”

And “We are in a dangerous stage, and we have agreed to Allawi’s 14 points, and we support the government program for him if he achieves and if he violates it, we will withdraw his mandate by 170 deputies.”

“We are heading into chaos and we have to come up with a candidate who can save the country and prepare for early elections. As officials, we must assure the people that we will be observers of the next government program,” he warned.

Al-Tamimi noted that “Abdul-Mahdi announced that he was charged with the rest of the conquest and Fatah and in accordance with their conditions,” noting that “the head of the coalition of state law Nuri al-Maliki has reservations about assigning Allawi, and we do not know the reason and authorize the blocs to agree to assign him.”

“We will support Allawi if he is able to implement the 14 points that he committed himself and will be supported by Parliament and the Street and if he fails, he will face that,” Al-Nasr said.

Prime Minister-designate Allawi addressed the Iraqi people on the occasion of his assignment to the post yesterday by the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, pledging to work diligently to hold early elections and hand over the corrupt to the judiciary. Sectarianism represents all shades and the participation of the competent in the formation of the government and the rejection of candidates from the political forces.

Allawi also pledged to work diligently to hold early elections, protect the electoral process, address everything that might affect its transparency, and form an advisory team in the Prime Minister’s office, while calling for an immediate dialogue with the demonstrators to achieve their demands and oversee by me this dialogue.

Allawi indicated in his message to the Iraqi people that he will work to hand over every corrupt to the judiciary, and he will reject any pressure and that he will allow the people to be exposed to it, while the blood of the martyrs from the demonstrators and the security forces will not go in vain and the responsible will be held accountable.