The end of next week the name of the next prime minister will be revealed

The end of next week the name of the next prime minister will be revealed

Monday, December 09, 2019 at 11:21 am

The end of next week the name of the next prime minister will be revealedBaghdad / Sky Press

On Monday, MPs revealed that the political blocs reached the final decision by choosing a candidate to head the government and put forward his name in the next few days.

Parliament member Muhammad al-Baldawi said, “The political blocs have mobility and convictions to reach out to each other.”

He added that “the blocs are trading four names after the dozens of names were excluded from the government,” noting that “what remains is only the choice of one of the names proposed to be a new prime minister, behind the independent, Adel Adil.”

Al-Baldawi added that “the candidate must gain acceptance from the authority and the masses in Iraq,” suggesting that the name will be announced at the end of the current week, after the agreement between the political blocs on the most appropriate personality according to the specifications set.

Al-Baldawi clarified that “the reference clearly and explicitly pointed to an important topic which is (the parliament must reconsider its options), as these options are supposed to be more focused, studied and deeper than previous experiences to avoid mistakes that have occurred”.

For his part, a member of the House of Representatives, Nawfal al-Nashekh, said that “discussions are still going on between the blocs to choose an independent figure to receive the next prime minister.”

He added, “To date, no candidate has been nominated to publicly, because the political blocs decided to pass this issue in complete secrecy, away from the media.”

In addition, the member of the House of Representatives, Yonadam, in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, said, “There are 20 people from inside the parliament and from various political blocs, they met the President of the Republic, Barham Salih, and they presented him with a list that contained the terms of the choice of the Prime Minister 120”.

He continued, “One of the most important conditions for choosing a prime minister is that he does not belong to a party and is not dual national,” explaining that “these conditions are consistent with the conditions of the demonstrators.”