Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-11-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 6-11-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions6-11-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article quote: “A parliamentary source confirmed on Saturday that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi WILL SEND THE NAMES OF CANDIDATES FOR VACANT MINISTRIES TO THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES NEXT WEEK.” (which is this week) The news channels in Iraq are mostly filled with news of completing the Mahdi government on time. This is going to come to a conclusion one way or the other. Mahdi was hoping that the political blocks could come to an agreement of candidates but this is now not the case. So, Mahdi has the power to submit his own list of names and let parliament move forward with the vote to ratify them.

6-11-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [Did you see the hyatt and holiday Inn is excepting IQD as payment now?] All kinds of companies are now accepting many foreign currencies…this is a really good sign everyone.

6-10-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ [What do you think the dong will revalue at?] My personal belief is it will rv at the lox [low ?] $2 range.

6-10-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ I do believe this will be our week…On European side they expect to start redeeming tomorrow…even my Interpol contact expects tomorrow…Treasury contacts think that today may be the day. A number of whales have exchange apts this afternoon… [Are the call center folks there today?] Yes they are – at least the ones I know personally reported there early this morning. [Do you still believe we are past the point of no return?] I most definitely believe we are past the point of no return. [Would you agree that this weekend was the calm before the storm?] Yes I do…I really believe that next week this will all be behind us…when its all ready and safe they will do it…Expecting a lot of breaking news this afternoon.

6-10-2019 Newshound Guru chattels Article quote: “The House of Representatives is waiting frankly and revealed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on the completion of the cabinet cab and the end of the proxy.” I do not believe that Maliki or Abadi had a completed cabinet during their governments. The administration by proxy has been a common thread. Nothing new under the sun, but when a ministry fails and the Prime Minister heads it by proxy there is no one else to blame. Iraqi politicians are all about finding fault and a scapegoat when they should look no further than themselves collectively.
6-9-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ The weekend has been going exactly as I expected! Very positive!