Tamimi in response to the nomination of her husband for a high position

Tamimi in response to the nomination of her husband for a high position: Some sites have become a yard for political polarization and liquidation of opponents

2019/1/30 17:16

Tamimi in response to the nomination of her husband for a high position(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Rep. Of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction Magda Tamimi, some social networking sites, “a yard for politicization and liquidation of the opponents,” in response to news published on the nomination of her husband to the post of governor of the Central Bank.
“A news agency quoted a statement referring to the ‘minister of interior’ in exchange for the post of governor of the central bank of the Tamimi pair,” a statement from the office said. “A copy of the statement was fabricated.”
He added that “the statement has no basis of truth and the speech that was published is completely fabricated and is part of the politicization of the person Tamimi,” referring to “the prosecution of any sites attributed to fabricated statements and will deal firmly with the promoters of these lies,” noting that “this page Always publish hostile and false publications against Tamimi, in addition to other fake and hostile sites. ”
The office noted that “it is regrettable that some social networking sites have become the arena for political polarization and the promotion of lies and the liquidation of opponents; but these negative phenomena are accompanied by an increase in the awareness of society and not believe these ideas.”
He explained that “these sites once falsely propagate and vandalism and again fabricated news with the aim of demarcation in the person Tamimi to address corruption and corrupt and the work of public opinion electronic war against it.”
One of the news agencies claimed, quoting a political source for the approval of the coalition are going to take over Faleh Al Fayadh as Minister of the Interior in exchange for the position of governor of the Central Bank of the husband of MP in the coalition Magda Tamimi.