Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-7-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-7-19

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions1-7-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Walkingstick Article: “Iran is moving to remove zeros from its currency and curb inflation” Comparing, apples- oranges… There are no comparable factors between Iraq/ Iran and why they have opted to RD their currencies…. The manner in which it will be employed and or the expectation of results after the fact…In short: Irans reasoning/ necessity due to inflation spiraling out of control, approaching hyperinflation…A factor non existent in Iraq…

1-7-2019 Intel Guru ADMINBILL Still hearing good things so don’t be discouraged. Once again, until all of my contacts agree because they have proof in hand then we continue our watch.

1-7-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 Article: “Iran is moving to remove zeros from its currency and curb inflation” [IMO this is a lop.] CORRECT…THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF IRAQ’S RI!!! THERE IS ALL THE REASON FOR THE IRANIAN RIAL TO LOP …AS THERE IS ALL REASON FOR THE IRAQI DINAR TO RD/RV/RI!!!

1-6-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [Crude Oil Prices/Future to reach a critical threshold (whatever THAT is).] $55 is what I’m looking for, with $60 being in the red zone.

1-6-2019 Intel Guru RayRen98 Artile: “Iran pushes Iraq to maintain trade without US dollar” Article summary: “Iran is pushing for an agreement with the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain trade in local currencies after dollar-base trade halted following the reimposition of US sanctions.” “Using the dinar in trade with Iran will lead to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar due to higher demand, especially considering that the trade exchange between the two countries reached $8 billion in the past eight months,” freelance researcher and writer Ahmed Hathal told Al-Monitor.” For a clear understanding of why things are being held up…it’s what I’ve been telling you for weeks.

1-6-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat …last summer we got the HCL passed and we were told full activation in Sept since the passing of the law stated Sept timeframe for activation. But this of course was contingent upon something. This something we don’t know what it is…Then when Sept came we were told full activation in Feb 2019 along with the sovereign funds. So this is technically overdue. So what is this issue then that they keep delaying this? Could if the drop in the price of oil? Could it be they expecte to have the govt in place and the reconstruction moving along by now and thus also the currency restated? But since they still delay the govt this is delaying everything else?…