Dispense with electricity “Iran” .. A plan provided by Iraq to America and get a deadline

Dispense with electricity “Iran” .. A plan provided by Iraq to America and get a deadline

Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm

Dispense with electricity Iran .. A plan provided by Iraq to America and get a deadlineFollow-up / Sky Press

Amidst US pressure to prevent Iranian energy imports and heavy public protests over chronic power cuts, Iraq, one of the world’s hottest countries, is seeking long-awaited reforms.

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has set a plan for independence from Iranian electricity in a year and a half, while the Iraqi government plans to provide the US side with a new deadline for US sanctions, the French Press Agency reported in a report.

“With the formation of a new government, the Ministry of Electricity is considering several options, including restoring stations and pipelines to reduce waste, importing energy from other countries, and improving the collection process to boost revenues, ” the agency said . “Baghdad hopes Baghdad will provide enough megawatts to cover the needs by the summer, when millions are affected by power outages of more than 20 hours a day, but that does not mean that the time is open, there is a deadline before things get worse. Iraq

To be exempted for 45 days from the sanctions imposed by the United States in November on Iran in the file of its nuclear program ” The news agency,” AFP, “the ministry’s spokesman, Musab al-Mudarab, confirmed that” the 45-day period will be the deadline for Baghdad to map A way to cancel its full dependence on the use of electricity and Iranian gas, “noting that” the Ministry of Electricity has now set a plan for independence from Iranian electricity in 18 months, and solve some of the problems accumulated a decade ago. ”

“Within two weeks, we will present our plan to the Americans, the plan is for five years and will be evaluated annually from the American side,” the teacher said.

“If the Americans find that the plan is integrated and serious, it is possible to extend the period (45 days) to a year or two,” he explained, adding that “there are no immediate solutions quick .” Iraq is on 153 billion barrels of crude oil reserves, but needs higher-quality gas and fuel to run its power plants.

The teacher acknowledged that “if Iraq can dispense with Iranian electricity, it needs Tehran gas until it has the ability to extract gas or invest gas burned during the extraction of oil .” According to the agency, “using its fuel alongside Iranian gas, Iraq can produce about 16 thousand megawatts of electricity, much less than the need, which starts at about 24 thousand megawatts, and up to 30 thousand in summer, with the arrival of heat to 50 degrees Celsius “He said .

“Most of this shortage is technical, because when Iraq transfers energy, between 30 and 50 percent of the time is wasted, and there are pipelines and pipelines, one percent of which is in the weak infrastructure. Some of them have passed and stations have also been attacked by an organization calling for the rehabilitation of those “The memorandum of understanding signed by the ministry with Siemens ($ 10 billion) and General Electric ($ 15 billion) to improve the infrastructure,” the teacher said, “can add up to 24 thousand Megawatt in five years, and “we can get to 40 thousand megawatts,” according to the same spokesman New LOUAY AL-Khatib has asked Siemens and GE to plan a “fast track” to boost power generation by summer, so Baghdad is looking for ways to fund those efforts, including a $ 600 million financing deal between General Electric, the Iraqi Trade Bank and Standard Chartered. Announced the end of November The teacher noted “another ministerial initiative, including the replacement of Iranian energy imports from other neighboring countries, including 300 MW of Turkey, Jordan and Kuwait, in addition to Saudi solar energy.” In a glimmer of hope for the success of the plan, Iraqi President Barham Salih toured Amman, Kuwait and Riyadh in his first regional tour since his election. “In addition, Baghdad seeks to recover the money lost by the ministry’s weak collection service.