Sunni blocs feel “shocked” and Kurds “object” .. about their share in the budget

Sunni blocs feel “shocked” and Kurds “object” .. about their share in the budget

Thursday October 01 , 2018

Sunni blocs feel shocked and Kurds object .. about their share in the budgetFollow-up / Sky Press

Described the Sunni blocs affiliated in the coalition decision, draft budget law for the next year that it does not do justice to its provinces, while the Kurds expressed their opposition to the share of the Kurdistan region.

In a statement, the coalition said in a statement that “it is shocked at what is being observed for the important provinces of Kninwe, Anbar, Salaheddine and Diyala, which have been consumed by fire, and their citizens have become displaced, martyred and wounded, and those who view the ruins of their city and home are immune to any support or hope. Change the situation “.

“It must be a real effort and funds to monitor the change and the citizen feels that his country and his government stand firm with him after the suffering suffered by the horrors.” Stressing the need to “reconsider the budget to take the tragedies of citizens in Nineveh and other provinces, the attention required through the monitoring of appropriate budgets to promote them, and urged the deputies of the liberated provinces to” unite the word and position victory for the suffering of their families and their families. ”

The coalition of the resolution that he will resort to constitutional and legal methods to respond to the budget does not do justice to citizens.

For his part, MP Dana Mohammed Jaza of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc led by Massoud Barzani, “The formula sent by the draft federal budget is unfair to the Kurdish people and the Kurdistan region.”

He said that the draft “talked about the provinces of northern Iraq and the names of Erbil, Dohuk, Sulaymaniyah and not the Kurdistan region, while the Constitution speaks frankly about the provinces, and emphasizes that Iraq federal federal.”

“The other issue concerns the allocation of 12.6 percent for the region, while the political agreements for previous years were 17 percent until the census.”

MP Mansour al-Baiji threatened to “build coalition,” led by Hadi al-Ameri in a statement to prevent the passage of the budget “in the event that did not include the allocation of funds for the province of Babylon different from the budget this year,” stressing the claim rights of the people of Babylon, “marginalized from the federal government, Since the fall of the former regime. ”